What should I ask your doctor if depression?

When some people suffer symptoms that could be indicative of depression, sometimes are reluctant to go to the doctor for different reasons. Or ignore that may have a serious illness, or simply feel ashamed of having to explain to a specialist who does not seem to have a physical illness, yet they feel bad.

In many cases, the problem is that those who go through such a situation would not know what to ask your doctor, because they have no resemblance to a conventional ailment which have suffered the rest of his life.

To start the recovery is essential to consult a specialist. It is also good that when you leave the consultation different key issues are clear. In the case of suspected the existence of a mental disorder, should be aware of what to ask the specialist.

Am I suffer from depression and need treatment?

First, it is clear that the most important thing is to find out whether a depression really suffers.

Not always feel sad to say that a depression sufferer. The first disappears in a short time, almost always when the problem that has arisen is exceeded. The other is much more serious.

In the event that the doctor concludes that there is a depression, the affected should be clear if you need treatment. Sometimes, there are different options, so that the specialist will advise as appropriate, depending on each person.

Are there support groups and I contact them?

As with any other disease, resorting to a support group comes in handy, especially for contact with people who rely on time.

The doctor can explain in detail what specifically can help a group like this. Usually they summoned by a professional for people who have in common suffering a particular ailment. The physician will inform the individual of the groups that exist in the area, and will have the information to contact them.

special situations

There are exceptional situations in which taking antidepressants or other medications prescribed for depression can be dangerous. For example, in the case of pregnancy. Usually it is the doctor himself to prescribe which makes sure whether the woman who is prescribing is the state, because have to have enough into account. It is he who makes the decision in each case, taking into account factors such as time of pregnancy, a history of the person …

Likewise, if you are breast-feeding, and medication taken by another disease or another type of dubious situation, it is important to leave it clear to the doctor and get their opinion.

Another questions

It also should be clear about the availability of the doctor in case it is needed beyond the usual consultation hours. If any worsening suffer, should know when you can contact him for help. This question is of fundamental importance in cases where there is a risk of suicide, it can be extremely necessary to require emergency.

Do I need a new diet or exercise? The doctor can provide information about lifestyle habits that promote or support treatment.

5 tips to increase your muscle mass

The gain of muscle mass is the adaptation: at first, when you are starting to build muscle mass, adapted to the level of demand for the exercises, to strictly to the diet, aerobic exercise. Later, in more advanced stages of the formation of a lean, healthy body, the challenge is to get rid of this adaptation. Not all people their genetic allows them to incorporate large amounts of muscle each year, a gain of five kilograms of muscle (talk about lean muscle without body fat) per annum is considered optimal. On average, if you train hard, eat plenty and perform high intakes of protein, including adequate rest, you can expect an average gain of between two and three kilograms of muscle per year, which is not negligible. These tips are designed to help in the phases of the always arduous muscle building.

The exercises with free weights, machines or over cables, to reach muscle failure, are the most direct and appropriate way to create new muscle.

According to the above postulate, you use a weight and number of repetitions to ensure arrival to muscle failure. The tradition is to reach the fault between 8 or 12 repetitions. In some cases, especially when they want to gain strength, bodybuilders trying to reach failure with fewer repetitions, but never less than 6. Regulates the weight you use so that the failure occurs between the sixth and twelfth repetition.

Muscle work happens in the gym but muscle growth takes place at the break. If you try to train six days a week you can probably do it for a very short time. It is wiser you train a body area once a week only to find it completely refreshed the next time you devote to it. If you train five times a week, be sure to leave a space of rest in half (Wednesday or Thursday) plus Sunday. Do not forget that you must sleep at least eight hours a day if you want to be well rested for the next session in the gym.

It grows faster if exercises that involve muscle groups if carried out isolation movements are performed. Compound exercises, also called multi-joint, such as the bench press, squat, rowing, deadlift and pulldowns not only accelerate metabolism more effectively but require secondary muscle groups to act as well. Perform these exercises at the beginning of your routine, as they are more tiring.

While the routine must be composed mainly of compound exercises, the body quickly becomes accustomed to any order it receives, so that incorporate new exercises that work the muscles in a different way is essential. Ranging from multi-joint exercises and isolation exercises.

10 foods for anxiety and depression

The diet does not cure mental illness but it can strengthen the body and mind. There are some foods that decrease anxiety and depression. We talked ten whose properties are beneficial to find serenity you are looking for, good health and not get fat.

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As indicated by the expert in nutrition and Chiropractic Ata Pouramini, author of self-help and health You are your medicine, “the way we interact with the environment is closely linked to the way we relate to food.” He calls ’emotional appetite’ and ensures that our mood affects the way we eat and what foods to choose and vice versa.

For example, uncontrolled stress increases food consumption. And these are not usually the healthiest but we seek those who provide us a quick welfare.

But these increases glucose cause rapid descents smoke altering r and contribute to worsen the mood. Also they lead to obesity. And, according to SEEDO, obese people have a 55% higher risk of depression.

Therefore, it is important to consume foods that produce the same pleasant feeling but do not alter the body. Ata Pouramini has prepared a list of 10 foods that should not miss in your diet if you want to fight anxiety and depression.

Spinach, algae, and chard: The green leafy vegetables contain a substance called folate (vitamin B9). This increases the production of dopamine, a hormone associated with happiness and well-being.

Nuts such as cashews: They are rich in zinc, a mineral the regulates the nervous system and helps lower anxiety levels.

Kefir: As yogurt is a probiotic that maintains the balance of intestinal flora. A good gut health affects the whole body, strengthens the defenses and, according to a study conducted by the University of California, UCLA, decreases brain activity related to stress.

black Chocolate: Contains antioxidants healthy for your body. This is the case of phenylethylamine, a similar substance that is secreted when we fell in love. This, in turn, can reduce levels of cortisol, a stress-related substance.

Sardines, salmon, tuna, anchovies and mackerel: They are rich in Omega 3 fatty acids According to studies, these acids maintain the health of the central nervous system. A study at the University of Kuopio in Finland observed a correlation that the risk of depression was 31% higher in people who ate no fish regularly, especially in women.

Lean turkey breast: Like eggs or milk, contains a substance called tryptophan. This is responsible for the production of serotonin, a hormone that is related to serenity, well-being and helps you sleep better.

Avocados: This fruit contains good fats. It is also very satisfying and prevents the need to snack at all hours to appear.

Seeds: flax, quinoa, etc … contain a mineral magnesium, which regulates blood pressure, fights headache, and maintains a healthy nervous system.

Pistachios: They also contain Omega 3 acids, like walnuts, and do not contain sugars. Therefore, when snack between meals, have on hand a handful of pistachios or other nuts instead of resorting to industrial bakery.

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Diet and exercise play an important role in prevention. Moreover, it is scientifically proven that poor diet and physical inactivity can increase the risk of anxiety or depression.

A study released by the Spanish Society for the Study of Obesity (SEED) noted that consumption of trans fats, bakery products, sugar and fast food can increase the risk. While healthy eating with products rich in omega 3 fatty acids, and typical of the Mediterranean diet (pasta, vegetables, fruits, nuts, grains and legumes) and the segregation of hormones such as endorphins in sport, keep away disease.

No smoking or excessive alcohol consumption, have a rich social life and stimulate the mind by reading, cinema, theater or go to museums and travel also improve mental health.

Depression is a challenge to public health because its prevalence is very high: the number of people who suffer throughout his life is between 8% and 15%. It is among the three leading causes of disability -the first in 2030 according to forecasts by the OMS- and generates very high individual costs, family and social.

In Europe it represents one of the leading causes of lost productivity, early retirement and absence from work due to illness and weight grows each year (Curran, 2007), according to data provided at the meeting ‘Radiography of the Depression’ organized by Lundbeck and Spanish Foundation of Psychiatry and Mental Health (FEPSM) and held in Madrid.

It is a serious disease that causes great suffering to sufferers and their families and immediate environment. The good news is that it is treatable. The pharmacological and psychological therapy and a healthy lifestyle, maintaining a routine and environment can support cure.

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Dietary soy breast cancer

A recent statement from the American Association for Cancer Research, Hispanic women and African Americans are more likely to receive a late diagnosis of breast cancer and that decreases the chances of survival since early diagnosis is associated with rates of healing that over 90% and close to 100%. This survival is reduced when the tumor has affected lymph nodes. Hence preventing a healthy and proper diet and exercise and early diagnosis through self-examination is essential. Soybeans itself will not prevent breast cancer. But it can help reduce the risk in a healthy and balanced diet.

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Do not miss other foods can also help prevent breast cancer.

The ingredients that are included in the daily diet play an important role in protecting the body from these diseases.

The Oriental diet is based mainly on fish, soy, cereals such as rice and consume very little animal meat. It has also been seen that the daughters of Oriental people who have migrated to the West, acquire the same risk of the recipient country. That is why experts relate some foods commonly consumed in Asian countries with a lower risk of breast cancer. And they have set mainly in soybeans.

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As mentioned, excessive exposure to human estrogen or too high an amount in the body can cause cell division followed by an uncontrolled growth of these cells that can lead to the appearance of a malignant tumor.

Phytoestrogens (isoflavones) containing soy are plant estrogens. Its shape and structure is similar to human estrogen, but they have a weaker action on cells. The interest shown soy is due to the possibility that phytoestrogens are likely to reduce the risk of this uncontrolled cell division. Why?

The soy isoflavones can act as estrogen but also as antiestrogen, ie block estrogen receptors (mammary cells contain estrogen receptors. When these hormones bind to these receptors can send signals that stimulate estrogen receptor and tumor risk) increases.

Isoflavones also stop the formation of estrogens in fat tissue and stimulate the production of a protein to prevent estrogen to the receptor. In addition, they have antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties that help fight cancer. Therefore, soy intake is associated with a lower risk of some types of cancer dependent hormones such as breast cancer.

Studies in Asian women, regular users of soy, have seen that they had a lower risk of breast cancer. However, this association is not valid in the US One possible explanation is that for the benefit occurs, you should consume high amounts of soy and since childhood (in Asia will consume about 40 mg of isoflavones per day (4 servings / day). In the US consumption It stands at 1-2 mg daily.

This is a frequent question in patients who have survived breast cancer. In fact, there was concern if it could increase the risk of disease in patients with positive estrogen receptors. This fear arose from some studies in animal models found that two compounds of isoflavones, genistein and daidzein, led to the growth of tumor cells.

Now, a new study presented at the Annual Meeting of the American Association for Cancer Research indicates that soy is safe in survivors of breast cancer patients. The work was conducted by the Comprehensive Cancer Center at Georgetown Lombardi (USA) and suggests that it might have a protective effect on cancer recurrence, according to studies in mice.

A moderate amount of soy is normal one to two daily servings of whole soy foods such as tofu, soy milk and soy beans. Studies have indicated that up to three servings per day has not been associated with an increased risk of breast cancer.

Balanced diet prevents breast cancer

What is certain is that healthy, balanced diet in which consumed everything but preferably from the group of vegetables, grains, fish and less saturated fats helps prevent breast cancer. In this regard, studies suggest that the Mediterranean diet is best to prevent breast cancer.

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A proper diet will help fight obesity, especially after menopause. And it is that obesity has been considered a risk factor for breast cancer and other cancers. For example, in postmenopausal women this disease has been linked to higher levels of estrogen because fat tissue produces hormones such. A constant estrogen exposure can lead to uncontrolled cell response and increase the risk of tumors occurring.


I am I am Safe for Breast Cancer Survivors. American Institute for Cancer Research (AICR).

Nutrition for Breast Cancer Patients and Survivors. Johns Hopkins Medicine.

American Cancer Society

Interview with Paco Roncero, chef at the Casino de Madrid

Ideologist of a workshop unique culinary research in the world, executive chef and director of the Casino de Madrid, the gastrobares Estado Puro and creator of the software “Manager Kitchen” Paco Roncero is considered one of the leading representatives of the kitchen Madrid, Spanish and international vanguard. In the Terraza del Casino, Roncero holds two Michelin stars and three Suns in the Repsol Guide.

lover of good food confesses. In his private pantry there are fruits, vegetables, meat, fish and confesses that never fails ice cream. “I do not deprive myself of it or anything,” he says. Still thinned nearly 35 kilos and did so without miracles, with a very simple formula: “as many calories consumption, as many calories should I spend,” in his words. That is, the old recipe of healthy eating and exercise. So we have come to him, as an icon of Spanish cuisine, avant-garde and healthy eating.

Paco Roncero.- A coherent and healthy throughout life, in which you eat everything but nothing without abusing power.

P.R.- As all but I try to pay close attention to the nutritional value of foods and try to provide my body the required amounts of all food groups. Do not obsess and go crazy counting calories but keep control. Nothing happens if one day you spend a little. It is important to enjoy the food. What must be avoided is that always happen. And when it happens, compensate with more energy expenditure.

Spanish P.R.- There is a popular saying that suggests breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dinner like a pauper. Not that there’s that comply to the letter but it is a good way to eat healthy and not fat. With this formula you have enough energy to work or train, as your morning activity, and you stay all day. For example, until noon my source of basic nutrients they are carbohydrates. My breakfast consists of a latte and a pair of toast with tomato and olive oil or oatmeal or cereals as energy expenditure of the day (more spending, as many hydrates). By midmorning I take a snack and eat, I keep using hydrates. From the afternoon I reduce and begin to increase protein intake. End dining lean meats or fish and vegetables.

P.R.- Yes, indeed. Olive oil is my fetish food and included in most of my creations. Now, even one of the healthiest fats that are not abuse it because too fat. In fact, I know many people who claim that night only eats salad and not thins. We should see what kind of salad eat and how seasoned. A deciliter of oil (equivalent to half a cup) contains 900 calories (the most complete burger a known fast-food contains about 492 calories). And lettuce also retains líquidos.Trato to avoid eating this food at night.

P.R.- have to eat because you have to feed but also need to have a good time and you can not adhere to a type of diet or some food in particular. In Spain we have an excellent raw material. And the ingredients of the diet are many. I will not stop eating fatty sausage even since then I know I’m going to burn. Therefore, either Mediterranean or Nordic that is what, what to try is a healthy diet throughout life, not deprived, but offset the consumption energy expenditure to prevent obesity.

P.R.- at all. Indeed, quite the opposite. Now we cook in a healthier than before. What is certain is that when you go to a restaurant or a tasting can commit excesses. Okay, you have to enjoy the food as I said before. What not to do is to abuse a habit and, of course, then burn it.

Causes and risk factors

What causes cancer? That is what transforms normal cells into cancer? Scientists agree that a healthy cell becomes cancerous multiple events must occur in genes for a long period of time.The genes are a set of instructions that cells continue to perform their functions. Some of the instructions limit the number of times the cells are to be split to produce daughter cells.

Cancer occurs when these instructions for a change that do not limit the number of divisions. The result is a cell that produces uncontrollably numerous daughter cells, which are also cancerous and divide without control. The cells accumulate and form lumps or tumors. Cancer cells can leave the original tumor and travel through the blood or lymph to other organs and start new tumors. This is called metastasis.

The series of events that cause cancer in one person is not necessarily the same series to cause cancer in another individual, but the final product will be cancer in both people.

Snuff People who smoke have a high risk of cancer pulmón.Nueve of ten cases are associated with smoking cigarettes, cigars, or pipes. The snuff contains toxic chemicals that are released into the smoke that smokers produce and inhale. The chemicals accumulate in the lungs and eventually cause damage to cells transforming into cancer.

Since chemicals are in the smoke of snuff, anyone, including children, who inhale the smoke risks also suffer this cancer. This is called second-hand exposure. Three out of 10 non-smokers exposed to smoke may suffer from this cancer. The longer the exposure time, the greater the risk. Immediately quit smoking and reduce exposure to secondhand smoke decreases the risk of endometrial cancer that is causing more deaths in the United States.

Radiation is the emission or power output from any source. The sun, for example, various types of radiation emits

Not all radiation cause cancer. UV radiation is invisible and very dangerous because it can cause skin cancer, which is the most common among men and women. Protect yourself from UV rays with E.C.E., ie, scatters, covers, and Evita

Spread the sunscreen with SPF (Sun Protection Factor) # 15 or higher in the arms, legs, face and other parts of the body exposed to the sun.

It covers the body with a long-sleeved shirt, long pants, hats or caps, and use sun glasses to prevent radiation touch your body.

Avoid sun exposure for a long time, especially between 10 am and 4 pm, when the radiation is more intense.

Other factors that increase the risk of cancer include

Cancer is a complex disease. One of your best defenses is to know the risk factors and avoid or minimize them.

More information

National Cancer Institute, “Causes and risk factors of cancer,” (accessed on October 19, 2013).

Total pectorals: the shift combined with arms

We know that the classic combinations of exercises give very good results, but … what to do in case of being stuck on a plateau training, or want to change for better profits? The solution is to lay hands on original combinations, those few practice in the gym, but perhaps you’ll give up a great result. It is all about trying.

If you train chest with enough energy, you might want your pecs look, which is not always easy.

This is breast train twice a week to boost growth, intelligently combining fitness sessions. The combinations that we offer are as follows

1) chest, buttocks and back.

2) Chest and arms (triceps and biceps)

3) Piechos and shoulders

4) chest and legs (quadriceps, hamstrings, adductors and twins).

Every week you must choose two days, separated by at least 48 hours to train your legs.

Day 1: Chest

Day 2: Back.

Day 3: Shoulders

Day 4: Arms

Day 5: Total Legs

Days 6 and 7: Rest

In the following weeks, it replaces the days of chest you’ve already done for alternative workouts chest. For example

If you have made chest, buttocks and back during the first week, the second week you could do chest and shoulders. The chest day stays as it is.

Please note the following recommendations training

1) Make only 3 sets of each exercise. This style of training is very demanding. Try not to be exhausted in a couple of weeks.

2) Make three to four exercises per muscle group. If you feel that four is too much for you, eliminating the last of the list of each of the muscle groups, because in general it is the mildest.

3) Rest a minute enter series and at least three minutes between exercises. Lies about three or four minutes between muscle groups.

4) Do not go to the gym without having eaten a full one hour before intake.

5) Drink plenty of water during the session.

Then combine chest with arms (biceps and triceps).

Chest Exercises

1) Chest Press on flat bench with bar

2 series heating x 15 repetitions each weightless (single bar).

2 sets x 12 repetitions with moderate weight ..

1 set x 10 reps with something higher weight.

2) Chest Press incline dumbbell bench

2 sets x 12 repetitions with moderate weight.

1 set x 10 reps with something higher weight.

3) Opening on flat bench

2 sets x 12 repetitions with moderate weight.

1 set x 10 reps with something higher weight.

4) Pec-deck (butterfly)

2 sets x 12 repetitions with moderate weight.

1 set x 10 reps with something higher weight.

Stretches chest (end)

Biceps exercises

1) alternating dumbbell Curls

1 set of heating x 15 repetitions per arm dumbbell very low weight.

2 sets x 12 repetitions per arm with moderate weight dumbbell.

1 set x 10 reps with weight slightly higher.

2) Barbell Curls

1 set x 15 reps without weight (single bar).

2 sets x 12 repetitions with moderate weight.

1 set x 10 reps with weight slightly higher.

3) Dumbbell Curls concentrates

2 sets x 12 repetitions with moderate weight dumbbell.

1 set x 10 reps with weight slightly higher.

4) Curls with a barbell or dumbbell preacher

2 sets x 12 reps each with barbell or dumbbells with moderate weight

1 set x 10 reps with weight slightly higher

Stretches biceps (end).


Stretches Triceps

Tricep exercises

1) Push triceps short bar high pulley

1 set of heating x 15 reps with low weight.

3 sets x 12 repetitions with moderate weight.

2) Push rope Triceps high pulley

3 sets x 12 repetitions with moderate weight.

3) Skull Crack EZ bar

3 sets x 12 repetitions with moderate weight.

4) Kick ass

3 sets x 12 repetitions with moderate weight dumbbell.

Stretches Triceps (end)

Gluten-Free Diet: why this fashion?

You’ve probably considered joining the gluten-free diet. Many famous have put fashionable. This is the case of actress Gwyneth Paltrow, who has developed a culture around this way of eating. And following his example, 25 percent of Americans also eat gluten, according to the NPD Group.

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Gluten is a protein found in foods such as wheat, barley, oats and their derivatives. These products form the base of feeding most diets worldwide. The problem is that many people have found to have sensitivity or gluten intolerance.

Work by the Chicago Univesidad noted that one of every 133 individuals in the United States have celiac disease. In Spain the figure is very similar: one in 150.

Symptoms of gluten intolerance are many, varied, diffuse and can become severe. It can produce abdominal bloating. But also problems of bones, rickets, malaise, nausea, diarrhea, loss of appetite, weight loss and even problems in the mood.

Gluten gradually be provided in the diet of infants for the body tolerates it. The downside is that if it comes suddenly, the body may react by rejecting and generating intolerance. Many people, in fact, are sensitive or intolerant to gluten but do not know.

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As we said at the beginning of the article, some celebrities have become fashionable gluten-free diet. And many people have followed and have ensured that they feel much better and have even managed to lose weight. This is explained: the elimination products such as bread, cookies, pizzas, pasta, etc, it is very likely that weight loss occurs.

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It is also true that thanks to a better understanding of how the human body and how to interfere in health food has gotten see those symptoms that have a cause we meant: celiac disease. People who suffer by eliminating gluten from your diet, have improved their quality of life. They have also managed to relieve swelling tummy may suffer people with gluten intolerance.

We not recommend it. And the wheat, barley, oats and all its derivatives are cereals needed in a healthy diet. They are complex carbohydrates that provide the body with energy and other nutrients such as B vitamins plus ibra f, very beneficial to health.

Therefore, nutrition experts never tire of repeating that if you want to lose weight does not involve foreign thinning methods as gluten-free diet. And the best way to lose weight is to eat healthy, varied, five or six times a day and exercising.

However, if you suspect celiac disease can suffer it is convenient to seek medical attention. This intolerance can be diagnosed with a blood test and a biopsy of the intestine to confirm the suspicion. If you are a celiac and continue eating gluten products can harm the intestine that produce, in turn, damage to the rest of the body. In addition to bloating, you can have other serious problems such as poor absorption of food, malnutrition, feeling fatigue and lack of good cheer, bone problems, etc.

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The five factors of a good body

A good body is a healthy body. It is that simple. The first quality you must possess an anatomy which we call good is an optimal state of health. Aesthetics comes later. The keys to this body are very simple and are available to everyone, but you must prove that you possess the will and perseverance to reach the proposed goals. These recommendations are valid for both men as for women and people of all ages; the question is to achieve a healthy body that will at the same time a beautiful body.

1) Regular exercise

There is no point going to the gym only in the months before the summer and then not return until next year. Gains in muscle mass and muscle definition are gradual and cumulative: only with perseverance and continuity will get lasting results. The ideal is to build a proper routine to your level of training and go to the gym to perform it at least three times a week.

2) Diet consistent and moderate

Diet is a lifestyle. It is not temporary deprivation of food to lose a few kilos and then come back to eat big. It is a power design that should hold most of the time, eating only the amount of calories that allow you to carry out your daily duties, including the gym. The diet should not undermine your health to be too strict. The best way to design a diet is to go to a nutritionist, who will give you personalized advice.

3) Natural Supplementation

In the world of fitness, although not say aloud, there are two kinds of supplementation: natural and chemistry. No way we recommend supplementation chemistry: its side effects are very adverse and has also been declared illegal in many countries. You can suplementarte properly with protein shakes, glutamine, creatine, amino acids, you’ll find sports shops. But we recommend one thing: do not ingest any substance that has not been approved by your doctor.

4) Adequate rest

All this activity needs a rest to recover your energies. It’s good to work hard, but so is rest properly. In addition to daily activity, fitness consumes a lot of energy, and besides food, the best way to replace it is rested. Your sleep should not be less than eight hours a day, and if you can enjoy a nap, even better.

5) will

Everything described above makes sense if done in a sustained manner over time. Do not be just a summer athlete, do not become a slave to diets or acquire expensive products or sportswear that then you will not use. Your first step is to sign up at a gym, and the second and most important, step on it and work hard on it. The reward is immense.

Do not leave the gym! Increase your motivation

Once pointed at your gym to practice exercise to activate your diet, motivation and use of strategies to help you keep your training half play a decisive role.

We know that sometimes it is difficult not to succumb to a peaceful afternoon of sofa and television instead of going to your fitness club to exercise your body. But only if you’re strong and you’ll get marks a discipline that exercise part of your daily routine and become a lifestyle complemented with other healthy habits. And it is that consistency is the key to the successful completion of a physical activity base. To get it, it is essential to increase motivation.

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You can design a basic plan with these phrases motivation positive reinforcement