10 sites to post and share your images (second part)

The list of the most recommended to store and publish photos and videos online sites continues. More or less all share similar features, however, there is something that distinguishes them as unique and that can be the trigger for that you grant your preference.

Do not forget to visit them all before making a decision and take your time to evaluate the pros and cons of each, after all, you consider that you’ll give them your trust to safeguard, manage, publish and even print your most precious treasures image .

Shutterfly offers as many other sites a free option to save and publish your photo collections, but perhaps what most distinguishes this site, is the wide range of printed products that offer that with your own images, you can create albums and items to give away your friends or even prosperous as the beginning of a creative business and

Snapfish also has a wide range of printing products in addition to hosting services, the main feature of this site is that it has the backing of the prestigious brand of computers and peripherals Hewlett Packard and under this unique shelter, provides professional assistance to users 360 days a year.

Within its catalog of new products stand out

“The first site online photo service in Europe” is the motto of this site founded in 2001 with the purpose of offering services of high quality digital development. The company has two laboratories in London and Paris with capacity to process more than one million photos a day.

The site has a variety of awards from prestigious organizations and publications devoted to photography and as part of the characteristics that have led to leadership in the UK and France, they hypothesize

Kodak Gallery has closed and is referring its users to partner sites like Shutterfly, photobox and Pixum, however, developing services and digital printing are still available on the website of Kodak.

The site of the best known brand in the world of photography, maintains a tone of communication directed towards more professional image but not therefore rule out a wide range of services for the amateur photographer;. More »

Smile “by webshots self pronounced as” The last evolutionary step in managing photos online “and its promotional messages refer to a flow connection via stationary and mobile devices, allows constant interaction of communities your images almost instantaneously, reducing the distance between us and our friends and loved ones, plus guard house and certainly our stories of life. More »