5 Mistakes to Avoid in your biceps exercises

The biceps muscle is one of the most valued by those attending the gym, because it looks like no other in feats of strength and is spectacularly appreciated at the beach, just behind the abs and pecs perhaps. However, there are tendencies to mistreat during practice or not to give enough attention. Here we list for you five of the worst mistakes you can make with your biceps

The biceps is a small muscle which, unfortunately, is prone to injury. You must be careful to train as an injury likely would result in a long time outside the gym. One of the most effective ways to avoid injury is to be careful when using heavy weights, especially at the bar, either straight or EZ. If you work with moderate weights you will lessen the risk of injury and at the same time it will be easier to stick to the strict form, you will experience better results.

The cables are very useful when developing your biceps, but nothing replaces the free weight. Alternating between barbells and dumbbells for greater success, making sure that the weight is not excessive at any time. You’ll find a wide variety of exercises for this muscle. Do not try to carry them out in full in the same session, you will not achieve more than extenuarte after three or four years. The most reasonable, if you are sharing a triceps routine is to perform three or four exercises for each muscle.

Biceps, well what its name suggests, is composed of two heads, internal and external head head. You must make sure each session, at least a couple of exercises for each of the heads. The EZ bar, with its broad and narrow grips, allows training the two heads according grip (the outer head with internal wide grip and narrow grip with) in the same session.

They may seem unhelpful, but we assure you they are not. Hammer exercises not only help develop the biceps, but have a good effect on the forearms. We recommend that you make at least one exercise of biceps hammer session in the gym. Thus, if you have little time to spend in the gym, you’ll save having to run a pair of forearm exercises in your weekly sessions.

At least one day a week you will spend on arms, with no less than three exercises for the biceps and triceps for three years, so as to constitute a full day for the upper extremities. You can also add a session biceps at the end of your job back or chest in another day, but the weekly session devoted exclusively to arms is essential. If you have the opportunity to train with game table, you can put your arms session in the afternoon after work shoulders in the morning, for example. If you are willing to train both muscles at once and you have only a couple of hours, we do not recommend you train with another muscular, large or small group, as would be excessive wear.