5 options to enjoy your aerobics

Perhaps you are one of those many people who get bored them aerobics. It can happen, but it also happens that are needed, ideal to accompany a diet to lose weight and perfect for good heart health. Please note our following suggestions if you cause allergy aerobics.

1) Sign up for an aerobics class: many people enjoy doing aerobics over the rhythm of music and fun in the company of others alone; not for nothing aerobics classes were invented. Another advantage is that the classes are taught by a teacher, so just follow your instructions correctly, you need not plan on sitting on your own. But keep in mind one thing: you do not aim at too late a class for your level, if you do you can not maintain the intensity and may be discouraged. If in doubt, talk to the teacher. If you still have questions, join in a class of low or moderate level.

2) Use the paddle pulley as aerobic exercise: perhaps you were not aware of this, but the low pulley rowing may well become muscle exercise in aerobic exercise with a very simple trick: use low weight. The mechanics of the exercise is the same, but instead of ten or twelve repetitions do fifty, breathing correctly, you turn to paddle in a in aerobic exercise also work legs, back and arms. Nothing bad. One suggestion: try to make this type of exercise when there are few people in the gimnaso, as you’ll be monopolizing the use of a machine.

3) Sports are aerobic exercise: if you still hate aerobics, the best advice we can give is that you make without realizing it, and this is possible if you play sports aerobic requirement: swimming, football, basketball, recreational boxing, cycling , etc. Aerobic activities have huge additional benficios, spatially if alaire free practices, and caloric intake is greater than or equal to the gym.

4) aerobic circuits: the concept of aerobic circuits is not at all difficult to understand: it is carried out, one after another, aerobic exercises effort, such as tape, cycling, climbing. Instead of a long session of 30 minutes to one type of exercise, well you can enjoy the benefits of each and do 10 minutes of cycling, 10 minutes of tape and 10 minutes climber. If you’re bored aerobics, just you think 10 minutes on each machine go faster.

5) the intensity varies: it is similar to the previous concept: instead of varying the exercise, what changes is the intensity. Instead of spending 30 minutes on the treadmill at 60% of your aerobic capacity (heart rate), make 80% 5 minutes followed by 5 minutes at 50%. You can plan your session the way you want, as long as there drastic changes to stay for at least 5 minutes and no more than 10.