5 Steps to get rid of excess body fat

No body or metabolism that does not need to have a certain percentage of fat reserve, but when it is already evident in your abdomen, your waist and thighs, it can mean a risk to your health as a percentage of disadvantaged est├ętica.Tu body fat will vary according to your somatotype, but overall, more than 10 or 15% body fat will mean that you look overweight.

The diet does not mean or stop eating, or do it in minute quantities, or go hungry for a few weeks and then return to old habits. Diet is your lifestyle: organize your meals so eating good amount of protein, moderate carbohydrates (to give you energy), low fat and low flour and sweets. Occasionally you can take a gustillo, but you should be able to maintain a healthy diet for most of the week.

There is no way to lose weight in a specific place, such as the waist, and keep the other sites, it is not possible to lose fat localizadamente, no matter how many times you have said the opposite. One way to help speed up metabolism and burn excess calories is exercise with weights. You must execute routines weight, according to your level of training, no less than three times a week and train all muscle groups.

Aerobics are excellent weight loss as long as the complenmentes with weight-bearing exercise, otherwise you achieve will not be easy to consume fat reserves that bother you so much. Perform aerobic exercises after weight, thus you have already used much of the energy they give hydrates and metabolism now be forced to burn fat.

Water is not only vital for your health, but it is a brilliant appetite regulator, people who drink at least two liters of water a day have less chance of overeating. If you can take about five liters, far better: your feeling of fullness will last longer and hunger pangs do not torment. Do not worry about excess water: the body does not accumulate more than necessary, so that no weight gain because of it, except for people with fluid retention.

Nothing described above is worthless if your momentum lasts two or three weeks. Losing weight may not be rocket science, but it is a process that takes some time, not less than one semester. Be patient to see results and remember that if you accompany your diet with exercise not only will lose weight faster but you do giving your body a pleasant way.