5 tips to get started in aerobics

Aerobic exercises are great for weight loss, keep an ideal weight and increase your aerobic capacity, which is more than convenient if you practice a sport with great aerobic wear, like basketball or athletics. If you’ve never done before aerobic exercise or you’re wondering how to do it, here are some tips to make your introduction to aerobics as pleasant as possible.

Aerobic exercises are especially helpful to lose weight, maintain, and increase your aerobic capacity, which will result in an improvement to your health and your performance in sports, but the best thing to do is to combine exercise with weights. Weights help you tone and give a very aesthetic form to your anatomy, if you want your muscles to grow and to what extent, is another story, but even if you use lighter weights, your body will increase your metabolism, control your weight and will look more beautiful.

This is particularly true if you are trying to lose weight. Weight bearing exercise used as fuel to give energy the glycogen stored in the liver, which in turn comes from consumption, mainly of carbohydrates. Once this reservoir is exhausted, your body will draw the fat tissue, which is the one you want to reduce. Remember, weight training first, then aerobics.

Not only have the traditional treadmill, stationary bike but also, the climber or elliptical machine, and the more traditional form of aerobic exercise: jogging, walking, biking or swimming. If you do the latter, you’ll benefit from the pure air and contact with nature, but we know that is not always possible for reasons of time or weather. The most reasonable, then, is to vary the way you perform aerobic exercises: if you sobreutilizas the treadmill, you can make your knees feel the ongoing impact of the punch of the soles of your feet on the ground, which results in small shocks to the knee. Changes to the bike, get hooked in a spinning class, use the scaler, which is excellent for strengthening the muscles of your legs.

It’s a good idea to do aerobics after each weight training session in the gym, but you may not have all the time to devote to it. If you can not do, at least three times a week do aerobics. If either is not possible, at least twice a week. If you can avoid it, do not perform aerobic exercise on your legs session because you’ll be too tired muscles in your lower extremities to subject them to further effort. If you have no choice and you must do aerobic leg day, do light aerobic exercise, low to medium intensity.

If you do not have prior training and decide to start with your aerobic sessions in full swing, most likely you loathe quickly. To achieve or maintain weight loss, and increase your aerobic capacity is counterproductive you make the most of your aerobic heart rate (FCR or maximum heart rate). Rather, conveniently manage your energy and conducts exercises between 60% and 70% of your FCR.