5 tips to improve your training back

Nothing like a broad back and richly developed for your physique look like no other. Although trust you’re doing things right, not bad you will have a look at these tips on how to improve your training this vast area of ​​the body. The muscles must train in a full session back are the numbers, also called latissimus dorsi, rhomboids major and minor spinal erectors and lower back. The back may well train once a week and include together with appropriate exercises her a pair for the trapeze. If you find it possible starting routines table, you will notice that some athletes divide their training exercises specifically for lats and the rest back in another session. If you decide to do this, do not forget that between workouts should be a minimum separation of two full days.

While chins are a difficult exercise, it is essential to help you build a powerful lats.

It’s okay to go to the pulleys and cables, but a powerful ridges are built on the basis of free rowing bar and also rowing with dumbbell arm (exercise called handsaw). Remember that the dumbbells will allow more travel and the bar will allow greater weight load. As always we say, do not let you use the weight exceeds reasonable; thus you will save unnecessary injury.

Like rowing, deadlift involves a lot of back muscles, as happens with your leg muscles. Especially in the back, reinforces the overall volume and impacts with greater specificity in the lower back, quite neglected by many athletes.

Too many concurrent to the gym believe that a good back is constructed only appealing to pulls pulley and some other movement free. Nothing is more false. In addition to base the development of your back in the dominated, free rowing and dead weight, it is essential not leave aside the hyperextensions if you want to hold a strong lower back, key to the correct execution of a large number of exercises.

The pulldowns offer you, besides the choice between pronated, supinated and neutral grips, different variants of the elements that used to pull the cable: shorter longer bars, triangles, double stirrups, etc. Do not miss this great variety and not always perform the same exercise. Note that being an exercise pulley (a machine) you can use in your favor the less prone to injury.