6 Hot food very unhealthy

We will not reveal the best kept secret. In fact, you probably already will suspect that these foods are not healthier in your diet or if you are trying to lose weight. We just want to insist on those objective data that can finish you convince to avoid them. Or at least, reduce to the maximum.

Watch out for them! There have been several documentaries warning of its risks since many people consume trusting that are healthy when they can compromise your health. We recommend you read the label. You will find that many are high in sugar. Remember that should not entirely eliminate fat because they are needed in a balanced diet. What you need to do it is bend by the healthiest: unsaturated fats: nuts, oily fish, oil seeds, olive oil … Consumed in moderation, will improve the health of your heart.

We know it is difficult presindir it. It makes the dish even more appetizing hate on. But are you aware of how unhealthy it can be? And above all, how much can you fat! One tablespoon contains 90 calories, 10 grams of fat and 90 mg of sodium. We recommend you try to replace it with a variety: sojanesa. Mix one cup of olive oil with half a cup of soy milk, when emusione, add a tablespoon of mustard, continue beating until you get the texture of mayonnaise and adds a dash of lemon and rectifies with salt and pepper.

All right. We can say that, as an alternative to fast food are not so bad. But not to become your daily dish. Above all, read labels carefully and avoid those with more calories. Some frozen combined reach 900 calories! Look for those manufacturers committed to healthy food to reduce the caloric content, saturated fat, sugars and sodium. Opta also for those less processed foods such as green for example, without sauces, preservatives or colorings.

In some countries they have banned trans fats in this food. However, others remain in their composition. These fats are the result of an artificial process in which liquid fat become solid. They have proved very harmful to the heart. Before eating breakfast, watching their composition. If you find trans fats in their list of ingredients, think twice before buying it. Here are examples of delicious and healthy breakfasts in which it dispenses with this food.

Okay, you saved from trouble. You get tired of a long day and you feel the most comfortable and convenient for a quick dinner. But processed meats are high in calories, fat and sodium and increase the risk of obesity, diabetes or hypertension. We do not say that banish from your diet but consume them in moderation. Worth investing five minutes and eat a steak grilled turkey with a cup of fresh spinach. It will take the same and your diet will be healthier and not get fat.

When we make the recommendation to eat cereal at breakfast, we always refer to whole grains, ie those who have not undergone a transformation that may have lost all their nutritional properties or they have added refined sugar to make them palatable . Whenever you go to include them in your diet, opt for healthier also slim: rich in fiber, all-bran, muesli, oatmeal, granola … Beware of the calories of the latter!