8 Ways to lose weight you never imagine

You want to lose weight at night without having to exercise? Ponte a horror movie. According to a study by the University of Westminster in England, you can lose up to 113 calories.

The reason? When watching a movie we fear, adrenaline is triggered. This hormone, in addition to removing appetite, consumes energy.

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Research conducted at Carnegie Melon University and published in the journal Science has seen helps to imagine eating less hungry and eat less, therefore you lose weight.

The study authors qualify to imagine the smell, taste and texture of the food itself can trigger salivation and the desire to eat. However, recreating the time mind that food mastication and digestion exerts the opposite effect, ie consumed, decreases hunger.

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A study has found that when sung while a workout is done, this is much easier, effective and also helps burn more calories.

According to the lead author of the study, conducted at the Max Planck Institute for Cognitive Sciences and Human Brain, music can activate the motor of emotion control and this causes automatic reactions, for example, smiling truth, rather than forcing the smile.

The result is similiar to whether an autopilot what makes the sport much easier and you feel more motivated to do it with what will be most efficient when practice regularly and losing weight is activated.

In addition, when you put your whole heart into a song is inevitable move the body. And this certainly is much healthier than sit around doing nothing.

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Make it “jocks” helps you lose weight? “The answer is yes, although you surprised. The reason? When tense muscles of the hand or the biceps, you are activating a brain area related to the control and willpower .

If you have the urge to eat a cake, focus on show off your “jocks” and avoid temptation, according to the University of Singapore.

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A study by Harvard University has seen that good deeds also activate willpower and this is vital to resist the temptation to snack compulsively kill boredom or when you’re dieting.

Start the day with good deeds and if your time allows, become a volunteer non-profit organization. This will help you become more aware of the importance of not overeating, difficulties passing others and also do a service to society.

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Your friends are desperate when you have not finished eating? Well you’re in luck, because eating slowly helps you lose weight.

According to recent research, people who eat slowly tend to consume less food and feel satisfied longer. While they eat very fast prevent the brain to register that already feels full with what you want to eat more.

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Are you sure hungry? And could it be that you thirsty? Food conscious or mindful eating points out that we often think that our body is asking us food when really what you want is to drink water.

When you’re hungry, try drinking a glass of water or two before raiding the fridge. You will see as you pass the need for pecking between hours.

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Sure you know all the benefits of meditation to achieve wellness. Well, meditation also helps lose weight.

Any method of relaxation exercises very positive effects on your mind, controls anxiety and decreases the craving to eat sweet foods.

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