Abstract composition with water and oil

As you know, water and oil are fluids of different density that can not be mixed. This property can be used to integrate them into a composition taking background colors, interesting shaped circular shapes that captivate the attention.

To make the practice you’ll need

In a desk, books used to mount the glass container at an approximate height of 20 cm or more. Use the handholds of it to recharge on the media not to block the transparent base and before proceeding with the following steps, make sure that is perfectly firm and not at risk of falling.

On the table just below the container, the colored papers placed in an area which exceeds the extension of glass container. The variety of colors you use will suffer various optical phenomena in water and oil as refraction, diffraction and diffusion and this will achieve their circumferences are distinguished delineated and the body of the drops present aesthetic hazy color.

If you do not want to use many colors you can reduce the amount, but it is important to have at least two contrasting colors in the background to be well distinguished circles oil.

See the water in the container to fill at least half of it. Add the detergent and dissolve it well in water without causing foam, it will help the oil droplets are targeted more.

Now add a little oil to water and analyzes the amount of circles generated. If you think you can add more convenient, but do it slowly to avoid saturating too much to the extent that oil ends completely integrated in a single layer that does not allow to distinguish the effect we seek.

If you’re going to mount your camera on a tripod it is time to do so. It must be in a completely zenith position with respect to the refractory. If you use telephoto, considered the minimum distance required to achieve the approach check your lens. If you use macro ensures that your light source impinges on the periphery points to avoid creating shadows with the same camera.

To use natural light you can take advantage of the soft impinging from a large window or an outside under shade. If you’re going to mount a light, filtered through a diffuser and verifies that it is not above the camera as this can generate unwanted shadows.

Are you ready to start the shots and depending on the parameters of shutter speed and aperture you use, you may need to use the timer to prevent vibration.

Stir a little water from time to time taking care not to generate foam, then the oil will get segmenting and variety in each image. You can also be changing the position, quantity and color of the background papers to experience in your composition.

Do not forget to put some good music while doing assembly and during the shoot, it always improves your mood and increase your creativity.