Advanced training shoulders

You’ve reached the advanced stage of your training. It is far from being the easiest, but you know a few mistakes that should not commit and almost everything involving the gym attendance is familiar. In the advanced stage we will try to shape beautiful developed muscles, so they look good from every angle.

One of the best kept secrets of the advanced stage is that there is heavy lifting.

Of course you handle more weight than in the beginner stage, but the human body has its limits and must be respected. Rather than attempting to lift huge weights and expose you to injury, the advanced stage is to train intelligently forcing muscle fibers to find their limit and beyond it for very little.

The advanced stage is based on the following mechanical execution

1) 4 series, adding a series of heavy heating. We define heavy heating as that preparation where not only lower weight is used to heat the muscle work, but it is part of the training, because the weight does not fall below 40% of normal weight.

2) Range of repetitions between 8 and 12. This is the number most appropriate to stimulate the development of muscle fibers repetitions.

3) weight increments between 10% and 20%. If you use a series of 10 kilos a dumbbell in the next use one of 12 kilos. Medium favors small increments over.

A typical routine advanced stage looks as follows

a) Series 1; heavy heating with 30% to 40% of normal weight. 12 repetitions.

b) Series 2 and 3: 10 repetitions with normal weight.

c) Series 4: 8 to 10 repetitions with 10% to 20% weight increase. The increase will be appropriate to the strength gained in the initial stages.

In the specific case of the shoulders, we try a workout 4 or 5 years. 4 sets of 8 to 12 repetitions per 5 exercises give us a total of 20 series. It will be a day of hard work.

Let’s start with the king of chest exercises: the bench press dumbbell deltoid. Suppose your weight level in 10 repetitions is 60 kilograms. So

Series 1: 12 repetitions x 30 kg (50% by weight, may be less).

Series 2: 10 to 12 repetitions x 60 kg. It is the normal series.

Series 3: here begins the increase. 60 kilograms must climb to 70, representing almost 20% increase. The body will feel it. We go for 10 reps.

Series 4: We are at 70 kilograms. We achieve reach 80? It may be a bit much. Let by 75 kg and no less than eight repetitions. You may need to use a spotter. If you had started at 60 kilos, you are now about 30% weight gain between series, which means a huge effort to muscle fiber. You’ll soon see the results. Of course, exgerar with weights is to risk an injury.

The advanced routine shoulders should be as follows

1) Dumbbell Shoulder Press

2) Side Flights

3) Flights rear

4) front dumbbell Flights

Stretches shoulders (end).