Alternating routine: legs and aerobics

Combine weight training and aerobics is ideal: weight training your body shape, increase your muscle mass (to the extent you desire), and keep your metabolism high. Aerobic exercises help control your weight (as long as the combine with a good diet), increase your aerobic capacity and generate a strong sense of wellbeing. It is possible, and even desirable, weight-bearing exercise and aerobic exercise in one session.

The routine consists of one or two repetitions of heating, two series with moderate weight and a final series with somewhat higher weight. A total of four to five series.

The classic combinations are chest and shoulders, arms (biceps and triceps), back and slight leg (hamstrings, adductors, abductors and twins) and quadriceps with buttocks.

In the middle of the two workouts with weights it is where we place the aerobic session.

Day 1: chest and shoulders.

Day 2: arms (biceps and triceps).

Day 3: light back and leg.

Day 4: quadriceps and buttocks.

Aerobic session will consist of twenty minutes treadmill, bike or climbing to a mild average speed between the two weight sessions, and twenty minutes at the end of the complete routine. If possible, exercise varies, so if you’ve already made bicycle, for example, it is now time to tape or climber, and vice versa. Below we offer routine day 4, consisting of quadriceps and buttocks. It is a shorter but no less intense routine.

Legs (quadriceps)

Leg Stretches: Quadriceps

Leg exercises

1) Chair (extensions) Quadriceps

1 set of heating x 15 reps with low weight.

2 sets x 12 repetitions with low weight.

1 set x 10 reps with moderate weight.

2) Press Quadriceps

1 set of heating x 15 reps without weight (single press).

2 sets x 12 repetitions with low weight.

1 set x 10 reps with moderate weight.

3) Squats

1 set of 15 repetitions without heating x weight (single bar).

2 sets x 12 repetitions with low weight.

1 set x 10 reps with moderate weight.

final stretch.

Aerobics: 20 minutes bike, treadmill or climber to mild or moderate speed.


1) Machine buttocks, 3 sets for 8-10 repetitions each.

2) Climb to step weighted using dumbbells, 3 sets for 10-12 repetitions each.

This routine is the shortest of the week, since we have already done training on back legs, and now we must only complete quadriceps and glutes add desired. Being the quadriceps muscle group one big, vast or four heads, the correct elongation of the muscle before, during and after training is essential for normal and perhaps higher, and avoid pain performance.

Aerobic: 20 minutes tape. bike or climber (which have not already done so) to mild or moderate speed.