Aluminum printing

Some Have you ever thought about the possibility of decorating one or more rooms in your home with your photographs?

Doing so is not only a good idea to create a special and personal atmosphere, also it gives you a constant feed back whenever people visiting THINK you and yourself, appreciate your own creations daily.

Printing and assembly of images is very important because it can promote or devalue the technical and artistic quality of the photographs.

Recently, I had the opportunity to admire a friend’s house some large format prints on aluminum plates and was impressed by the excellent definition and color saturation of the images presented. I liked so much that not resist asking how and where he had obtained and he just give me a card with the data of a digital printing center, accompanied by an excellent recommendation: Just go … you’ll love it.

I discovered that the printing technique on anodized aluminum, has been done not long ago on plates of this material is subjected to a process of electrolysis in order to increase the material’s resistance to corrosion and improve adhesion of primers and adhesives that they are used to print on them.

These printed circuit boards have had excellent acceptance in the advertising media used outdoors, precisely because of its high resistance to weathering and firmness of the material, but they are also an excellent choice for use indoors with assemblies that do not require additional framed and photographs make her look with impeccable glossy finish and a very modern look.

The main qualities that has printing on aluminum plates, also known as Dibond or Alupanel are

There are two options for printing Dibond

Aluminum printing is done not only in large format, you can also choose smaller sizes and whimsical shapes to create a porta portrait, mosaics games, cup holders or whatever your creativity dictates.

Join in and print some photographs aluminum! They will look good where put and can also be a great gift for your loved ones.