Assessment Angry Birds On Thin Ice

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Angry Birds On Thin Ice is one of the new games based applications. The popular Angry Birds application leaves the virtual world and reaches the tangible world. If you enjoy the virtual game very probably enjoy this three-dimensional version. The goal remains the same: to launch birds to shoot down those pesky green pigs. The game is designed for children five and older and can play two to four people. It is distributed by Mattel (information in English).


21 playing pieces divided as follows

2 Birds, 3 pigs, 2 caps, 1 box of dynamite, one catapult or pitcher, 3 long beams, 2 small beams, 2 ice blocks, 2 ice cubes, 3 pieces of breakable ice

Five packages including letters

4 levels of mission letters and 1 packet of letters points

Mission levels

There are four different levels of mission

Level 1 is the easiest level.

Level 2: medium difficulty level. You get 200 points to complete it.

Level 3: level of difficulty. Upon completion you get 300 points.

Level 4 or Level Freestyle: The difficulty of this level is that the construction of the castle will depend on your opponent. Upon completion you receive 200 or 300 points, as indicated by the card.

Start of the game

Before starting the game you must arrange the cards of mission and building pieces out of the playing area but accessible. The game was the youngest and played for clockwise player begins.

The player in turn chooses a level you prefer card and passes to the next player who must build the castle as illustrated. If the level you chose the player is the freestyle should follow the following rules

Game Development

Once the castle is built the player must try to shoot down all the pigs throwing birds. You can only use the birds that appear in the letter. Birds are used in the order and quantity in which they appear, from left to right. It is important that the catapult is placed at least one foot away from the castle.

It is recommended to practice the roll before the game because at first it can be a bit unwieldy. You should always hold the pitcher with one hand and with the other press and then loose. If you manage to knock down all the pigs get points. To take account you must obtain letters of points and keep them in your power.

Game over

They play few rounds are necessary until one player get 1000 points. This is necessary to win the game score.


The game is very fun and useful to help children develop their motor skills and spatial location. However, you must have enough patience when reassembling because they fall easily. If the child is very small most likely need help from an adult to achieve mount the castle. It takes some time to adjust to the distance and weight of the birds so I recommend practicing rolls to avoid frustraciones.Otra option is to vary the rules increasing the number of shots available. Several versions of this game but all work the same way. What varies are mainly parts for mounting the castle and accessories.

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