Bop It! or Bop It! XT

The Bop It! It is a game of skill that tests your motor coordination skills, ability to follow directions and perform commands quickly. It is ideal to play with friends, at parties or family gatherings as they can take turns and compete to determine who obtains the highest score. It is an electronic game which requires the use of batteries which is something you should take into consideration when purchasing it. It is published by Hasbro (information in English).


Objective of the game

Get the highest score by following as many commands dictated by computer game.


A speaker apparatus operated by batteries.


Recommended age: 8 years onwards

Players: One or more

Language: Most are available in English but versions in Spanish.


The device is ergonomically designed for easy grip and handling.

Bop It!

In the original version are four commands: pressing the center button that says Bop It !, pull the blue button, twist and shout yellow. Shout the command is activated by moving the green button. It has a button to choose the level: novice, expert or teacher. This version can play it in 3 different ways: alone, from the device or for parties.

Bop It! XT

This is a larger version that includes more commands: press the center where it is written Bop It !, pull the blue button, twist the yellow button, turn the orange, green snap and shake the whole apparatus. Violet button is used to activate the command stirring. This version can be played in four ways: alone, through the apparatus, for parties and one to one. There are four levels: novice, expert, master and pro. The levels are activated when you manage to complete 100 consecutive commands correctly. The XT version comes with an adapter for headphones when playing for so lonely.

How to play

To start the game you must pull the blue button. Every time you pull this button can switch solo or in a group. Choose your favorite. If you play in a group you must move the appliance to each player so you can perform the action. To change the level you must snap the green button to get the level you want. You can change the volume low, high and very high turning the orange button.

solitaire game

This method can also be used taking turns with other players.

The goal is to beat your own score or that of your opponents.

Press the button Bop It! Listen command and so do it quickly.

If it takes you to do it or you do incorrectly the game ends.

Turning the device

This version is for two players or more.

Win the last player remaining in the game.

Choose a player to begin the game. Players must accommodate facing each other in a circle.

Press the button Bop It! to start.

Follow the instructions include “pass it”. Upon hearing this command you must pass the device to the next player.

If you mess up or do the action takes to be shut out of the game.

Party game

This version is also for two or more players

It is played the same way as the version Turning the unit but includes a special command where a body part is mentioned.

When this happens you must press the button Bop It! with the body part showing.

One by one

This version is for two players

Choose a color: green or yellow.

Green player controls snap buttons and turn. Yellow controls the twisting and pulling.

Any player can perform the command stirring.

For the command Bop It! you must press the button with the color corresponding letters XT you.

Win the player who manages to get 5 points or if your opponent makes a mistake or misses a command.