Breast cancer: monitoring and care

During the battle against cancer it is normal to be concerned about the outcome of treatment. Many questions go through your mind. I earn or win the battle cancer? How efecta my family?

Part of the battle is to follow the recommended treatment, but also mantenete focused on what you can control. Experts say it is not advisable to focus on the possible negative outcomes of treatment. They recommend rather concentrate on

MenciĆ³nale doctor these changes immediately, like if you suffer from headaches, dizziness, shortness of breath, cough, backaches or digestive problems or will not go away.

Treatment can take your appetite and nausea as well as giving small sores in the mouth, making it difficult to enjoy meals. But if you do not eat, your body has no power to fight cancer. Some cancer treatments do gain weight, which is not desirable.

Check with your doctor about the best way to eat to maintain weight and not weaken. There is no specific diet for cancer patients, although in some cases the doctor may eliminate or reduce the consumption of certain foods. For these reasons, it is highly recommended consultation with the doctor about the best eating plan for your case.

Exercise can be a hard habit to adopt, especially if the person not used before treatment. Many people have found it easier to start and maintain an exercise routine with a partner that motivates us and which we have committed to exercise every day. Doing it with someone else makes it harder to throw in the towel. In any case, check with your doctor before starting an exercise routine.