Chia seeds Why are good?

Consuming chia seeds is a wise choice they have already made many famous. Singer Ellie Goulding, for example, and said fan of them. Gwyneth Paltrow, who has a recipe on their website Goop, is another ambassador of the healthy properties of chia seeds.

So, I recommend you enrich your dishes with these seeds. Used to lose weight and also have many benefits. They can be eaten in starters to desserts, including salads, soups, in your healthy smoothies or in your yogurt as a snack.

We asked Maria Truyols nutritionist, nutritionist and dietitian Health 10 on the properties of these seeds so appreciated by all and the different ways in which we can enrich our diet to benefit from this super food.

Some call them the “super food” because of the large amount of nutrients they contain: essential oils such as omega-3, calcium, phosphorus, antioxidants (flavonoids), proteins, amino acids, vitamins and minerals.

You are recommended to stabilize blood sugar, strengthen bones and teeth, improve digestive health (via fiber), which can prevent some diseases such as colon cancer and control cholesterol for their omega 3 fatty acids.

It also serves to lose weight because they are extraordinary sources of fiber. This gelatinous texture that characterizes contact with another liquid element helps you feel satiated for longer and therefore eat less.

Unlike other seeds, grind them does not lack, can be consumed whole and there are different varieties. Whole: scattered yogurt, smoothies or salads. You can also cook and used to thicken purées and creams, stews or casseroles or dressing.

Another option is to grind the seeds and obtain a flour for making bread, pancakes or cookies. Upon contact with water and stirring, a kind of gel that while we may serve more seasoning gelatinous texture is formed. (Soak in minutes 10 times its volume, approximately)

The most common and easy it is to spread them in yogurt (it will thicken it) with fruit or add to salad dressing. It is also possible to use them for the preparation of pastries or bread and even for the preparation of what in Mexico is called water chia, traditional drink already used by the Aztecs, which consists of mixing water with chia seeds, squeezed lemon and some Natural sweet as honey or stevia. Finally, you can try to replace the typical catches sesame seared tuna with chia seeds – original combination and with great nutritional contribution.

To the question of whether they are best taken with protein or vegetables, nutrition expert responds: When consumer taste! Depending on the composition of the diet of each person and personal tastes. There are people who do not like the gelatinous texture and prefer dry, others prefer instead absorb moisture and acquire a smooth texture. The good thing about these seeds is, as mentioned, that support many variations.

As you can see, there are many reasons to include chia seeds in your diet. They improve your health by their nutritional properties. And if you want to hold the line, also they will make weight loss or maintaining a healthy body weight easier.

Do not prescindas of them!

Sogues thanks to the team in Barcelona, ​​Spain.