Enemies lurking in your camera

When it comes to preserving the physical integrity of our loved ones, there is no enemy can stand against our survival instinct. The same situation applies to our beloved cameras, so no precaution is unnecessary.

If you want your romance will last for many years with the companion and faithful witness of your best moments, I recommend you consider keeping away from its natural enemies

The cameras and lenses have complex and delicate composed of various metal and glass parts mechanisms, they are prone to bend or fracture before any impact caused by carelessness.

If your camera is regularly subjected to vibration caused by a car displacement or any similar situation, it can also be damaged as the delicate precision of sealing mechanisms and alignment of the elements that make up the target, they lose support and eventually decalibrate.

Although cameras (compact) solid state may become less fragile than the DSLR, it is always convenient to transport your gear in a case or bag able to absorb shock, especially during long trips in air or ground transportation.

Moisture is unquestionably one of the most formidable enemies of any mechanical and electronic equipment. When manages to infiltrate into them can accumulate and cause electrical damage or gradually act as a corrosive agent on metal parts.

One of the most common problems that occur in the chambers is the condensation of the objectives that not only temporarily disables to take pictures but eventually to frequent exposure in moist environments, can even lead to the formation of fungi ruined by complete the optical quality of the lens elements or mirrors and filters comprising the reflex DSLR system.

Given the horrifying threat of moisture absorbent envelopes salts are what the garlic to vampires or werewolves silver … simply the best way to keep them away from your camera.

And although this seems to be the title of a flamenco song, salt and sand always found on the beaches, are a pair of highly harmful corrosive agents for virtually any component of your camera. It is very important that upon returning from vacation, always efectĂșes a deep cleaning of your computer preferably an authorized service center where they have the instruments and tools necessary to disassemble and remove any particles inside and outside of each piece.

Our skin requires constant care in conditions of extreme cold or heat, tend to increase. Use all kinds of creams, lotions, ointments, sunscreens and other unctions usually are based on oleaginous agents. These substances, combined with the natural fat bouncing our skin, form a layer of oil to manipulate our camera can be impregnated anywhere, including lenses.

Oil stains probably by themselves do not affect any of the components of the camera, but they manage to trap dust and other particles that adhered and concentrated, come to ruin any mechanism.

Although it may seem an exaggeration, try to wash your hands before using your computer and still tries to clean it with a soft cloth before putting it into shelter.

The lack of criteria is probably the most lethal of the enemies of the camera, and that is if you choose to use under risky conditions where you do not have complete stability for your body or suppose one hand sufficient for you to subject yourself to moving bodies, uneven terrain or other precarious situation, chances are you end up recovering only a few pieces of your team.

Teams like Go Pro and other similar brands offer a full line of accessories to secure the camera to objects or your person, and are specially designed to ensure the integrity of the same without you having to limit your movement during practice extreme sports .

Please do not improvise, if you like action first acquires the right equipment.