Foods that protect against breast cancer

Before mentioning the most beneficial foods against breast cancer, let’s talk about a fundamental step in preventing this disease: diet that can best fight.

A study by Spanish scientists and published in the medical journal British Journal of Cancer has linked the Mediterranean diet with a reduction of up to 30% risk of developing breast cancer.

Those responsible for research and forward last June at the Annual Meeting of the American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) the impact of external actors in the development of this disease.

To reach this conclusion, the authors distinguished three types of diets and observed their benefits

After work, they noted that the Western diet was associated with an increased risk of breast cancer, especially in premenopausal women. Instead, l Mediterranean diet reduced the risk by 30%, particularly in a type of tumor, triple negative, which is considered the most aggressive. Therefore, the authors insisted that changes in diet and exercise can prevent this evil.

The simple fat reduction offered no benefit. Furthermore, the authors insist that some types of fat may even be beneficial to health.

The work called Epi-GEICAM have carried out by experts of the National Center of Epidemiology Institute of Carlos III of Madrid Health, it has been funded by the Spanish Asocación Cancer and promoted by the Spanish Research Group on Breast Cancer (GEICAM) .

Read on to find the most beneficial foods against breast cancer.


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A research conducted by experts from the Autonomous University of Barcelona found that extra virgin olive oil has the ability to reduce the malignancy of breast cancer and reduce tumor size.

He also noted, however, that when the disease appears, excess saturated fats and omega-6 may accelerate the clinical course and prognosis worse.


Advances UAB: Decoding the a key mechanism through which olive oil protects against cancer.

Polyunsaturated fatty acids present in oily fish can protect against breast cancer. Experts advise to take between one and two weekly servings of tuna, sardines or salmon.

The substances included in polyunsaturated fatty acids from fish (EPA, DPA and DHA) are involved in the messaging systems of brain chemistry helping to regulate blood circulation and the areas involved in the immune system.


Ju-Sheng Zheng, PhD student (et al) Intake of fish and marine n-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids and risk of breast cancer: meta-analysis of data from 21 independent prospective cohort studies. BMJ 2013; 346: f3706

Legumes are often cited as beneficial to combat various diseases thanks to its rich antioxidant content, able to curb the action of free radicals responsible for aging, cancer and other chronic diseases.

Well, a study by the University of Colorado found that some types of legumes such as dried beans, particularly the more colorful compared to whites, have more power than other legumes when fighting cancer through its role antioxidant.


EurekAlert Press Release: Dry beans inhibit development of mammary cancer.

A study published in the medical journal Clinical Nutrition American said very beneficial fiber to fight breast cancer. In fact, he recalled that for every 10 grams of fiber added to the diet, the risk of breast cancer is reduced to 7%.

Foods like fruits and vegetables contain lots of fiber. But cereals and whole grain or whole too.

There is a wide variety in the market (wheat, buckwheat, oats, rye, corn, millet, amaranth, quinoa, bulgur, wild rice, muesli, etc).

The United States Department of Agriculture recommends taking 5 to 6 ounces a day. About 140 -170 grams a day.


Jia-Yi Dong (et al). Dietary fiber intake and risk of breast cancer: a meta-analysis of prospective cohort studies. Am J Clin Nutr August 2011. First published July 20, 2011, doi: 10.3945 / ajcn.111.015578

According to a study at the University of Missouri, apigenin, a compound found in parsley and celery it inhibits the growth of cancer cells. The study’s authors noted that this finding, seen in animal models, could be used for women who are receiving hormone replacement therapy.

Experts recommend adding at meals a couple of pinches of parsley and celery in salads or make a cream of celery for example to benefit from the effects of apigenin.


Parsley, Celery Carry Crucial Component for Fight Against Breast Cancer, MU Researcher Finds.

A study by experts at the University of Lund in Sweden, found that drinking two cups of coffee a day could prevent relapse in women taking tamoxifen, a medication that is given as treatment in a subtype of the disease. Apparently, coffee contains a substance that blocks the growth of tumor cells and hormone receptors.

Another study also found that postmenopausal women who drank coffee had a reduced risk of breast cancer.


Jingmei Li (et al.). Coffee consumption modifies risk of estrogen-receptor negative breast cancer. Breast Cancer Research 2011, 13: R49 doi: 10.1186 / bcr2879

Coffee May Help Prevent breast cancer returning.

Nuts such as walnuts contain polyunsaturated fatty acids such as linoleic acid and Omega 3 that protect against coronary heart disease, but also against breast cancer. A single serving of nuts (about 30 grams / 1 ounce) contains more antioxidants than the daily consumption of fruits and vegetables that can take a person, according to research conducted by the University of Scraton.

Other work carried out by researchers at the American Institute for Cancer Research in the United States noted that nuts like walnuts also have the ability to reduce the size and number of tumors as breast cancer or colon has already been developed.


AICR’s. Foods That Fight Cancer. Walnuts.

We conclude this article with good news: With early diagnosis and proper treatment, about 90 percent of patients with breast cancer can be cured and live their lives with complete normality.

So you have to have hope and strength. As indicated in this image must stand up to cancer and know that with early diagnosis, this disease can be treated and cured.

Look for those foods that can help prevent cancer mam, do exercise, do not smoke, drink alcohol in moderation (no more than one glass of wine a day for example), and do not neglect your gynecological examinations and your monthly breast self-exam .

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Note: You can include these foods then you enumerate within a balanced diet in which you eat everything in moderation. Only consume these foods can put your health at risk.