Guess who? (Guess Who?)

The board game Guess who? It has more than 30 years in the market having fun and developing skills of logic in those who play it. Over the years this classic board game has undergone some transformations while retaining the main objective: to discover the character your opponent chose using a number of key questions.


Guess Who? It was designed by Theo and Ora Coster and first published in 1979 under the seal of Milton Bradley in England. The game comes to the United States for the year 1982. It is now published by Hasbro. In the original version of the game the images were of people mostly men. As the years passed were modified images and adding other elements.

Among the most popular versions can be mentioned Guess Who Guess Who Extra and Mix and Match. Also published special versions of animated cartoon characters, movies or TV shows.


Objective of the game

The goal is to find the person who chose making a series of key questions that will help you eliminate your opponents possibilities.

Players: Two

Suggested age: 5 years and up


2 trays

4 reversible cards (two for each player)

2 selectors


Description of cards

The cards contain 15 characters per side. There are a total of four groups of characters: pets, sea animals, meals and transportation.

RULES (version 2014)

Before starting

If this is the first time you play you must assemble the selectors in the trays.

Both players must choose the same group of characters.

Place the card in the back of the tray through the channels.

Choose a character and mark it with the selector.

Open all doors so you can see all the characters.

Game Development

The game was the youngest player starts.

On your turn you should ask questions whose answers are yes or no.

The idea is to discard characters to decrease the chances enough to guess the character who chose the other player.

As you go you’re ruling out possibilities closing the different doors.

Game over

Once you decide you can guess the character say it aloud in your next turn instead of asking a question.

If you guess win.

If you do not guess you can try again on your next turn.


This is a very colorful and simpler than the classic version that many of us played as children version. Adding four different groups of characters makes it more varied and entertaining. If this is the first time you play Guess Who? and you are a little child will enjoy this version. However those who are accustomed to the classical version will miss those characters. I like the fact that the game is in a single tray as the possibility of misplacing cards is minimal. The material on which it is built is not as good quality so should pay attention to the cards or any of the doors are not broken. It is an ideal game for children ages 5 to 9 years.