Guessing Games

Guessing games put to work your brain and exercise your memory. In many of them you must apply your logic, others simply must sharpen your senses like sight or hearing. Some are puns and others are more visual. But in all the goal it is the same: use the information you have on hand to try to guess an object, word, phrase or title. They are fun games, especially when played in large groups or parties.

This is a fun paper-and-pencil game, although you can get three-dimensional versions on the market. The goal is to guess the word or phrase that your opponent chose placing one letter at a time. Whenever you’re wrong you will go drawing a part of the doll. You must try to guess before it is formed completely or end up hanged. They can play two or more players ages 5 and up;. More »

The aim of this game is to guess the color pattern your opponent chose. To do this you must go by placing colored pieces in order to rule out certain possibilities according to the clues that will give the other player. It is a game for two players ages 8 and up;. More »

This board game whose main objective is to guess the word using as a guide the drawing that makes your partner. It is an ideal game to play on teams. As you go on ahead guessing the words on the board. The first team to reach the end. They can play three or more people 12 and older;. More »

The goal is to guess the word but without using the forbidden words (Taboo words). Soon you’ll find it quite challenging but very fun game. It is ideal for four or more players 13 and older;. More »

This is a guessing game for children 5 and older. It is designed for two players who must try to guess the mysterious character asking questions whose answer is yes or no. The first to guess wins;. More »

This time the goal is to guess if the other players are telling the truth or are lying. If you lie or do you mess up your nose grow. The player with the shortest at the end of the game wins nose. It’s a fun game designed for three to four players ages 7 and up;. More »

This is a game for up to six players ages 7 and up. The goal is to guess the word that you carry in your head. To do so do questions yes or no to your classmates. In the market there are several versions of the game as Hedbanz Act Up! where no questions but to show the word gestures are made;. More »

This is a word game where what you read is not what matters but what you hear. It is a game of charades hearing that will work your brain to decipher the mysterious phrase. They can play two to twelve players 12 and older;. More »

This is a game where you’re a detective whose goal is to guess who, where and how did the crime. To do this you go looking for clues and elminando possibilities. It’s a classic game for three to six players ages 8 and up;. More »