Hability games

There are some games that require the use of physical and mental ability. These games require concentration and motor skills use. Below are some examples of these games which are ideal for playing at parties they offer active participation of the players.

The Twister is definitely a game that requires motor coordination. This game was invented for the year 1966 and still continues to play. It is played on a plastic sheet containing 16 circles of four different colors. The object of the game is to follow the instructions of the leader, using a spinner, go saying what extent should play and how limb. It is a game of physical contact that manages to entangle their players in a tangle of legs and arms. The last player to remain standing wins. The suggested age is 6 years and up to two players or more;. More »

This is another game that requires eye / hand coordination. Operation (information in English) came on the market in 1965 and since then has fascinated children with sounds and lights. The aim is to tease out the parts that are found throughout the patient’s body. You must do it without touching the edges because if you do your nose sounds and lights. The game can be played by one or more persons and is suggested age 6 and older;. More »