How to combat heartburn

Have you ever felt a warmth that begins in the stomach and reaches the throat? It is heartburn, a problem that does not endanger your health if it is a blip, but it is very uncomfortable that affects your quality of life. Still, if it lasts long and is not relieved by the products you advise your pharmacist, doctor visit.

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Between the esophagus and stomach (you can place it approximately between the first ribs) is a door medically called sphincter that allows the passage of food. When this little door does not close properly let stomach acids into the esophagus and therefore feel this burning. When you eat or when you bend over you are when you notice.

Heartburn occurs primarily when you do very heavy and fast foods, when you are very stressed or when you consume alcoholic beverages or soft drinks as well as coffee or snuff.

Some people who are overweight, pregnant women or individuals who suffer from a condition called hiatal hernia also suffer this acidity. Gastroesophageal reflux is another of the conditions that produce the heat.

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Yes. And it’s very effective. Although you can not abuse it.

When heartburn occurs at peak times, due to a business lunch, family gathering around a table laden with food or when you sit or bend down and acquire a certain position, go to your pharmacist to recommend an antacid.

If the problem lasts long and not feel relief, you better ask your doctor appointment so that you can perform exploration as it thinks fit according to your symptoms and your family history.

Normally it makes you a physical exam, blood tests, you can ask imaging tests such as ultrasound or radiography and in some cases it may be to recommend a gastroscopy, which involves inserting a camera attached to a tube through mouth to see inside the stomach and esophagus. In most hospitals perform this test while you’re sedated. So you will not notice anything.

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Now you know how heartburn is, but most important is that you can prevent it and prevent it from appearing. How? Paying attention to your dietary habits.

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