How to tell if you are improving during a depression

The first step to recovering from depression is to realize that it has been getting the disease and then go to the specialist. This will recognize the person, make a diagnosis and decide on the most appropriate treatment.

But depression usually lasts some time before treatment begins to take effect. Typically, if prescribed medicines are slow to take effect, for example 50% of young people affected take 9 weeks to recover (as “Clinical Guide to Depression in Children and Adolescents,” Mohammad Shafii) after starting treatment. Psychotherapy can range between 10 and 20 weeks, usually without apparent progress.

Since the process is usually quite slow, sometimes you get the feeling that everything remains the same, so both patients and family members wonder: Will I be following to the letter the instructions of the doctor?

Are physical symptoms diminished?

The main indicator certainly are the physical symptoms, such as pain or dizziness. If you have sent or at least are less frequent than before, it is a good sign. However, one should not be alarmed if they have not disappeared, because sometimes it is necessary to emphasize treatment over a long period of time. Sometimes new symptoms after starting the medication, which usually bring side effects. Almost always, the specialist has warned the patient that might arise (as William Z. Potter, M.D., Ph.D., Matthew V. Rudorfer, M.D., and Husseini Manj in “The Pharmacologic Treatment of Depression”).

It is also good to consider whether they have become to perform these activities carried out previously on a daily basis: sports, hobbies like movies, etc. Another very important factor is undoubtedly stress, because if they have experienced periods of calm and relaxation, is a good sign that the terrible disease is under control.

Does the individual neglects the toilet and order at home?

A simple indicator measuring the progress of healing is personal hygiene. Typically, when you take a few days of treatment, the affected feels cleaner and more care than before. At first glance, you can tell if a family is looking better or worsened their appearance. You can also learn how the disease is contemplating the individual’s environment. If everything is contained and order, good sign. If everything upside down, this indicates almost always reluctance and sadness.

The doctor usually set goals to change the lives of people, so consuming more healthy food, and acquire positive habits that will improve their lifestyle. If you have begun to carry out these attempts to improve, progress is being made.

Wakefield test

Sometimes you can use test to see if the symptoms of depression are subsiding. For this, the most common is called Wakefield Questionnaire, which consists of answering simple questions that allow the affected get an idea about their progress

There are four possible answers to each question. For all questions, except 2,5 and 7

For questions 2.5 and 7

the corresponding points are added to each question. The less they have been obtained, the better. The result is worrying if the result is greater than 15. In addition, you can perform again every two days or so, and establish whether a declining score is removed, which would go on the right track.