Is it true that drinking water thins?

Is the water thins? Not really alone. But drinking water it can help you get rid of those extra kilos.

In fact, more than half of the population has tried to lose weight by drinking water. And some medical studies do suggest that water may help control body weight and not getting fat if you have been dieting.

We explain in this article the arguments of why water can contribute to weight loss.

Water is an essential ingredient for life. Participates in numerous vital functions and she would die. Moreover, we can go for weeks without eating. But all our vital organs fail if we drank no water for more than three days.

In addition to rehydrate, allow us to live, take away the thirst in times of heat or even prevent mareemos us if we suffer a faint or brownout, it is said that water also helps you lose weight.

A study published in the medical journal JAMA Pediatrics and conducted in public schools in New York City noted that f acilitate dispensing free mineral water to students resulted in a small but significant weight loss in them.

The researchers analyzed the relationship between the presence or absence of water dispensers and weight loss in more than one million students in over 1,000 schools and concluded that such a simple and inexpensive as investing in these gadgets gesture resulted in a improving health and, in particular, in a reduced risk of obesity.

Other research suggests that drinking water can also help burn calories. The study by the University of Virginia (USA) found that people who were overweight slimming case 2kg half a year more if they drank two glasses of water before meals. This is because the water increases the basal metabolism and makes burning more calories.

Another aspect to note is that drinking water can help control snacking, ie eating at all hours by anxiety, by nerves or even by thirst.

As explained by Maria Pilar Casanova in his workshops based Conscious Food Mindfulness applied to food, “we often think we are hungry when in fact what we are asking our body is water,” he says. So he advises all participants of their courses to drink a glass of water before going to the refrigerator when it is not yet lunchtime.

Furthermore, drinking water one substance called dopamine which is responsible reward is secreted. So, after drinking a glass of water, our brain does not need to seek pleasure eating energy dense foods and calm your emotions with food.

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Finally, if you get used to drink water, you will not feel the need to drink other sugary drinks that itself has been shown to increase the risk of overweight and obesity.

For example, multiple studies warn that soft drinks are one of the main causes of the obesity epidemic in industrialized countries.

Harvard University warns that today half of Americans drink sugary beverages on a regular basis. Of these, one in four gets at least 200 daily calories from these drinks. And 5% more than 500 calories.

This type of drinks will not only make you gain weight. They also contribute to the risk of type 2 diabetes and to suffer heart disease.

The same applies if you abuse alcohol. These drinks also contribute to weight gain and, even if experts to recommend a glass of wine a day for their antioxidants, the reality is that any type of alcoholic beverage in calories (in this article we explain the calories from alcohol) and also damages our health if overused.

Overall, about two liters of water daily are recommended. They can be obtained through the mineral water but also from the food we eat. For example, fruits and vegetables contain a lot of liquid.

Be sure to bring a healthy and balanced that is based primarily on the consumption of vegetables, whole grains, seeds, legumes, fruit and fish, preferably blue diet. It takes at least two glasses of water before, during or after meals and always have on hand a bottle of water to control in craving to eat.