Learn to play apples to apples step

Apples with Apples (Apples to Apples) is a game designed to be played in groups. Play four to ten players making it ideal for parties and family gatherings or friends game.

This game is published by Mattel. There are several versions of the same: in English, for children and travel. They all follow the same principle: find synonyms for words or funny comparisons.

648 letters red apple

216 letters of green apple

Suggested Age: 12 and older

Playing Time: Less than 30 minutes

Divide the letters of green apples red. Make two piles. Choose a judge.

Give each player seven cards with red apples. These letters contain names, phrases, places or events.

The judge chooses one card with green apple, which contains some adjective and synonyms for it, and places it in front of the players.

Each player must choose a letter that is in his hand that most closely matches or compare better with the word that is written in the letter that the judge chose. The chosen card face down on the table is placed.

When playing five or more players, it is recommended to use the quick choice. This means that the last player to place your letter red apple loses the opportunity and that card is removed.

The judge blend letters and read, usually aloud. The judge will decide which of the cards with red apple compares better. It is suggested to choose which is more creative, humorous or interesting.

The player who owns that card wins the round and can keep the green card. The judge collects all the cards red apple and discarded in the box.

all steps are again repeated until the number of cards needed to win.

The winner of the game depends on the number of people who are playing. Follow this guide to determine who won.

4 players: Win have 8 green cards.

5 players: Win have 7 green cards.

6 players: Win have 6 green cards.

7 players: Win have 5 green cards.

8 players or more: Win have 4 green cards.

There are other versions of the game that is recommended to treat after playing basic.

apples riots

This version is played with four players. Each player can choose two red cards but one at a time. The judge will choose between the first four cards are placed on the table. Therefore, the faster you make your choice better chance you have of winning.

In this version the judge will choose the letter that least resembles the letter green apple. antonyms or opposite comparisons are sought.

This version is a bet all or nothing. Players bet that your letter will be chosen by the judge. The bet will be paid with a green card. If the judge chooses wins all green cards wagered. If you do not win any green card lose all they bet.

Players choose the red card from his hand before the judge to show the green card. Then the judge chooses among these letters the winner.

The judge chooses two green cards and players must choose a red apple letter that best describes both green cards. The judge chooses the winning card and the owner wins two green cards.