My tips to eat healthy and not get fat

I always talk about the general recommendations for eating healthy and not fat. However, I do not talk about what my tricks or my eating habits and exercise to keep a healthy weight and according to my height and my lifestyle. There they go, I hope they serve and can share them to enjoy good health.

I read once that take lemon juice fasting could reinforce the natural purifying system of my body. I must say that I found hard to get used but realized that this theory is true that after 21 days a gesture becomes a habit. And so it was. Every morning just raised using this concoction that helps me eliminate toxins.

Breakfast to put the batteries

I’m a glutton, I confess and there are certain foods that cause me great satisfaction. One is breakfast. One of my favorites is the toast of bread with cereals or nuts to buy a famous Spanish supermarket chain that myself or cook with guacamole, avocado or hummus.

Vegetables or fruit smoothie and yogurt mid-morning

A healthy habit that recently acquired. As I do not feel good to eat fruit first thing in the morning, I decided to do as a snack. Fruit is a healthy sugar and also provides fiber. Sometimes, as palatability, taking fresh vegetables. Yesterday, for example, I made the green detox juice makers celebrities. If you have problems with constipation, I tómenselo. They come in handy. In addition, it lets you sacaciada. In my case I add yogurt because according to studies is good for health and help you lose weight. In the section of juices and smoothies you will find some that I tested.

A single dish to eat

It is something that taught me Covián Francisco Grande, the father of Nutrition in Spain and internationally known. He was reading his book Nutrition and Health I realized that one of the secrets to stay healthy and at a healthy weight is to eat with his fist, ie small amounts. So do the people of the Okinawa Islands who have a heart-healthy diet, which helps them stay healthy and many of them cross the barrier of 100 years. Of course, I always take legumes, whole grains or vegetables. If I add animal protein, I limit myself to a small filet of poultry or fish. I always cook boiled, steamed, wok, grilled or baked and fair but always add olive oil fat. And all it together in a single dish, like a combo, so I do not I exceed the quantities.

The afternoon tea

Another pleasure. In my case I substitute mint tea or chocolate with spices. Really delicious. I like to sit in front of my computer while taking sips these hot preparations and pecking a handful of nuts, a cookie oat or wheat, and always a fruit. It is a heart-healthy snack.

light Ceno

Dinner little is vital to prevent weight gain. In fact, there are guidelines that limit intake to 500 calories dinner. I usually take 1 1/4 cup (100 grams) of steamed vegetables, a traditional chicken soup with whole wheat pasta, a green spinach salad with lettuce Granada or apple always seasoned with beer yeast rich in folic acid . Complete the menu with a boiled egg, omelet or two slices of cheese. Sometimes I end up with fruit. Before going to bed I always take a tea or a glass of milk.

Exercising, do not miss

The activity is part of my daily life because, fortunately, I live with two dogs. It is they who take me and force me to fast walking every day between an hour and a half and two hours. And it is a healthy habit that helps me keep the weight off. True, I have to get up early and when it’s cold too lazy, but moderate and regular exercise generates endorphins, hormones responsible for pleasure and makes you feel great. It also helps burn calories and maintain a healthy weight.

Water is also part of my routine because drinking water is good for health. I usually take 1 liter and a half because two liters the full with liquid food I eat throughout the day (smoothies, fruits, vegetables, soups, milk, tea …).


You see, my tricks are well known. In fact, I mentioned some in my 8 tips for eating healthy and not fat. They are supported by multiple studies that remember to eat varied, green and in small amounts helps to stay healthy and fight obesity.

Smoothies also provide vitamins and minerals that improve skin appearance so without becoming a smoothie-addicted, try taking them every day.

All of these tips are very useful to me. They are simple, do not pose a great econónimo and very healthy payout. That is why I have dedicated a space on this website.