Non-aging diet

Aging is a natural process in the body. It can age before and wrong or you can live longer and better. The Mediterranean diet, with its citrus, gazpacho and aromatic plants are the best anti-aging ingredients. Why?

More and more scientific evidence on the benefits of the Mediterranean diet is the best not age prematurely. The main reason is that this diet controls the action of free radicals, mainly responsible for aging.

Years ago, I heard an interview of the famous Eduard Punset in his NETWORKS Monica de la Fuente, a researcher in biochemistry and physiologist program. This expert studies the aging process and ensured that a high percentage depends on us.

Monica de la Fuente spoke of the difference between chronological age (which appears in our identity) and biological age (our body). Chronological age is always going forward, that is, always will comply more years.

What does it depend? Largely on the diet that is balanced and healthy, physical exercise you do, your good mood and not use substances that accelerate the action of free radicals, mainly responsible for premature aging. We explain experts at a conference on Mediterranean Diet, the best anti-aging.

With the passage of time and because, among other reasons, to the action of free radicals, our cells undergo an oxidation process, grow old and die. It is a natural process common to all living beings on the planet. However, how we care can influence a slower aging

At age 20, the body reaches its maximum physical capacity. Thereafter, we begin to age. Hormone levels decline, are launched substances, free radicals, which cause cell oxidation and aging, the skin loses elasticity, the first wrinkles appear and the body is more prone to disease.

However, if diet and nutrients consumed adequately controlled (See also the super foods in the diet), regular physical activity is practiced, a control health takes to prevent possible diseases such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes, obesity and even cancer, do not smoke or quit smoking or alcohol is taken and uses supplements according to the vitamin or mineral (under medical supervision) shortcomings, the quality of life increases, as health and the possibility that live longer and better becomes a reality.

According explained Dr. Roberto Vimbert, postgraduate degree in Public Health and Methods of Biomedical Research, during the First Conference on the therapeutic benefits of the Mediterranean Diet, held in Alcanar (Spain), “free radicals arise naturally by environmental exposure, smoke and radiation. They are an inevitable threat. Run throughout the body and are highly reactive “he says.

Biological life of these free radicals is very short, but fail to react with everything around them causing cell destruction chain. Its action is present in more than 80 diseases such as cancer, diabetes, Alzheimer’s, cardiovascular disease, autoimmune, arthritis, among others. The good news is that the body is able to neutralize.

This is where the antioxidants of you speak in Diets come into play. These substances protect cells from the effects of neutralizing free radicals to inhibit the oxidation reactions that are generating cell destruction. Therefore, eating a diet rich in antioxidants is a guarantee of good health and fight against premature aging and other diseases.

According to José Daniel Custodio, BA in Biology and Masters in Phytotherapy Clinic, “the Mediterranean diet can modulate biological systems associated with oxidative stress. Despite having effective endogenous antioxidant mechanisms (the body itself) the needs of our current lifestyle make necessary a varied and adequate daily intake of antioxidant foods. Within this group of foods you include citrus not only rich in vitamin C, but also in other important active ingredients of this group of plants. ”

For example, skin of citrus fruits contain substances, bioflavonoids. These act as antioxidants, protecting ascorbic acid (vitamin C) and other components of plants from oxidation.

Recent studies have shown that these substances act synergistically with vitamin C and improve capillary permeability. This helps prevent fractures and bleeding (thus preventing thrombosis). They also prevent other disorders like colds, viral infections, act as powerful antioxidants, improve vision, etc.

“In addition to citrus, continuous Custodio, other plant species that have marked antioxidant actions within the context of this Mediterranean diet against aging.

It has been experimentally verified, for example, popular gazpacho consumption can play a critical role in oxidative and inflammatory processes and in reducing blood pressure, reducing the prevalence of hypertension in subjects at high cardiovascular risk. This causes reduced hypertension in subjects with high cardiovascular risk.

On the other hand, some aromatic plants present in the Mediterranean environment also enjoy beneficial properties. This is the case of rosemary, sage, oregano or thyme, rich in antioxidants.

“Five years ago the European Union approved the use of rosemary extracts for food preservation (E 392) and would not be surprising that after the rosemary other similar antioxidants are developed in this line, given the special sensitivity that exists with preservatives and food additives strictly chemical synthesis and questionable health effects, “concluded Jose Custodio.