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The Hedbanz is a card game for children (information) that also enjoy great. The game is published by Spin Master. The goal is to guess the image that you put on the head by asking questions to the other players. They can play up to six players ages 7 and up. Currently on the market three versions of this game: Original Hedbanz, Hedbanz for adults and Disney Hedbanz. All following the same concept.


Six headbands

72 cards with images

24 records

An hourglass

Basic rules

Examples of questions

The questions that you make should be able to be answered with yes, no, I may or may not know. To achieve faster guess you should try to ask general questions at first. These three questions are suggested by the manufacturer

then try to ask more specific questions such as the size or color. It is important to try to remember the answers to your previous questions so do not waste time asking questions already did. There is no penalty for trying to guess what is a good idea to try to do. The game includes a letter with some questions guides can be very useful when you achieve not guess the image.


This game also offers a fun educational opportunity. It helps children develop deductive reasoning logic and memory. In addition, it is a great opportunity to develop communication skills and social interaction and tolerance. For some children it can be frustrating not guess the image so it also represents a good opportunity to develop patience and consistency. The concept is simple so it is very easy to learn to play it. If you’re playing with young children you can increase the time by turning the clock back. This will give additional time to formulate their questions and avoid unnecessary frustration. It would be nice if there any way to expand the cards or the game include more images.

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