Routines for glutes

Both men and women like to look well-trained and aesthetically attractive buttocks; indeed, there are people who spend a large percentage of your weekly routine to tone the buttocks area. The muscles involved are basically the gluteus maximus, the middle and lower, which are stimulated by different number of exercises, some done in machines and other freely.

All gym that claims to be such possesses one or more machines buttocks: its operation is easy and if you have doubts should only ask the right way to use the teacher or coach. However, the machines will not give the best look to your buttocks if you combine them with freestyle exercises that directly impact your buttocks area.

Surely you’ve done these exercises for different parts of your body such as the back, hamstrings and quadriceps, so you wonder: is necessary to take out a second time in your training week?

1) Warm up and first exercise machine glutes, 4 sets of 12 to 15 repetitions.

Then choose two of these exercises for glutes

2) Squat: with light or medium weight, 4 sets for 12-15 repetitions each.

3) Lunges: with light and using dumbbells, 4 sets for 12-15 reps each weight.

4) Climb to step: with light weight and using dumbbells, 4 sets for 12-15 repetitions each.

5) Extensions hip: with light weight and using dumbbells, 4 sets for 12-15 repetitions each.

6) Hyperextensions: with light weight, using a disc or lightweight dumbbells, 4 sets for 12-15 repetitions each.

7) dead leg Weight: using a disc or a light dumbbell, 4 sets for 12-15 repetitions each.

It is important that every two weeks variƩs encouragement you are giving your glutes and exercise change. Take advantage if you have more than one machine in your gym buttocks and also incorporates changes in your routine. If you always perform the same exercises your body will eventually adapt to the effort and will surrender everything you can.

When to include routine weekly program on your buttocks? If you train in the traditional way, with two daily muscle groups (whether or not starting table), your best bet is to take a moment to your buttocks the day train hamstrings, adductors and calves. Not only will you be rushing exercises that are in the worked area (the lower part of the body), but you will benefit in what touches the blood flow needed to stretch the muscle fiber to the fullest.

When you train your buttocks, you must keep in mind that in free exercises will be performing moves you make with superior to other parts of your body (eg, squats for your quadriceps) so that it is not, in any case weights, to achieve high as you can make in your training large muscles, but to carry out the exercises with light weights and high number of repetitions pesos. Otherwise, you’re not letting your body rest, and you expose yourself to overtraining or injury.