Slims your belly to belly dancing

Have you decided to get in shape this new course and strengthen your diet? Belly dancing can help. In one session you can lose about 200 calories. Practiced regularly, slims, strengthens the stomach, refines the waist and tightens the buttocks. It also strengthens your self-esteem, makes you smarter and prevents Alzheimer’s.

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Belly dancing is a very old dance whose origins are unclear but it is thought that emerged in the Middle East, Mediterranean and Northeast Africa.

One of the most widespread theories is that it was conceived as dance to increase fertility of women. Hence one of the features of this dance are soft and sinuous movements of hip and buttocks.

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Belly dancing was banned when Christianity and Islam dominated Middle East.

Physically elongates the figure, the abdominal area and hips are working hard, and molded and harden legs.

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The psychological benefits are many. By doing belly dancing even changes the way we relate to others, makes you feel more relaxed, sensual and sure of yourself.

According to a study by Flinders University (Australia), practice belly dancing has positive benefits on body image of women as practitioners focus more on the movements they can do with his body, his physical appearance, according to lead study author Marika Tiggemann, department of Psychology at the university.

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If you’re trying to lose weight, belly dancing and reinforce your diet you will burn fat faster. Here are some reasons why it is a good exercise to lose weight

Burning calorĂ­as.- movements shoulders and hips are strong and fast. That makes the heart pumping faster and is therefore considered a suitable aerobic exercise to burn calories. Of course, exercise alone is not enough. You need to combine it with a diet to lose weight.

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Figure.- tones and refines movements of belly dancing as you draw circles with your hips, trunk moving, rotating or reciprocating shoulders wrists, tone and refine the figure. They also reinforce joints, abdomen and back muscles and strengthens the arms and forearms are exercised.

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All controls estrés.- exercise helps control stress, and this is a factor that makes engodes due to the release of cortisol, a hormone that increases hunger. If you practice belly dance regularly, you will feel more relaxed, BLOQUERAS tensions and this will have an immediate effect on appetite control.

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