The best films about depression

From there the film has shown the effects of depression. Sometimes it has done more in depth, and sometimes simply as part of a secondary subplot. There are many films that have dealt with this issue, of varying quality.

The large screen can serve to publicize the consequences of the disease in an entertaining way, as long as you do with some seriousness, without downplaying the symptoms without cheap hype.

indisputable classics

The cinema of the early days of sound, shot during the economic crisis tends to be cheerful, as viewers flocked to theaters to forget their problems. Triumphs Frank Capra film, in “Mr. Deeds (Mr. Deeds Goes to Town)”, follows in the footsteps of Logfellow Deeds (Gary Cooper), who enters a profundda depression after being betrayed by the woman he love, Babe (Jean Arthur) and because of the machinations of a corrupt lawyer.

Another great classic, “Cat on a Hot Tin Roof (Cat on a Hot Tin Roof)” based on a play by Tennessee Williams, presented a guy, Brick (Paul Newman) who after the death of the patriarch of his family He takes refuge in alcohol and becomes indecisive and listless. His wife, Maggie (Elizabeth Taylor) tries to help.

depressed teens

In “Real People (Ordinary People),” the first film as a filmmaker of great Robert Redford, a teenager has a serious mood disorder feels guilty because of an accident that killed his older brother. About to end his life, he is admitted to a psychiatric facility.

The Virgin Suicides (The Virgin Suicides) “by Sofia Coppola adapted the novel by Jeffrey Eugenides. Try a topic as hard as teen suicide. He also suffers an inexplicable sadness Charlie (Logan Lerman) in” The Perks of Being a Wallflower “.

Women with problems

“The Hours,” among other stories reconstructs the tragedy of the writer Virginia Woolf, with enormous literary genius, but he was suffering bipolar disorder.

In “Repulsion” by Roman Polanski, Carol (Catherine Deneuve) he feels tormented by the demons of his past. Natalie Portman plays in “black Swan (Black Swan) a dancer tormented by a mother who treats her like a child and the competition with a rival, making him fall into a spiral of self-destruction.

desperation vital

In “Taxi Driver”, the character of Robert De Niro suffers from insomnia and confusion by life experiences during the Vietnam War. He Embroidered Niro to a gangster depressed in the hilarious comedy “Analyze This (Analyze This)”.

In the excellent “About Schmidt (About Schmidt),” Jack Nicholson makes another of his masterful performances, as a man who begins to feel ill as a result of retirement. His mood worsened after the death of his wife, finding that his daughter is marrying a jerk and the discovery that his job has inherited a jerk.

The grueling “The Assassination of Richard Nixon The Assassination of Richard Nixon” focuses on the drama of a man who has sunk into the mud and feels unable to leave. Just so he obfuscated that launches a plan to assassinate the president. Sean Penn makes one of his great works.

Finally, remember that the small screen has also made great works on the subject. It highlights the series “The Sopranos” with a gangster (a creditable performance by prematurely deceased James Gandolfini) who must resort to the services of a psychiatrist.

Outside the American cinema he has also addressed the issue. For example, it has made the Danish director Lars Von Trier, who suffers from the disease. Talk about this ailment in films like “Melancholia” and “Antichrist”.