The power of symmetry

Sometimes I mentioned the natural tendency that most human beings have to look for symmetry. Whether in the arrangement of furniture, decor and even the content of our dishes to the table, unconsciously we are constantly trying to balance a symmetrical objects around our environment.

That is why when I talk about resources composition, recommend away from the symmetry as being so used to it, it may be flat and dull when plasma images, however, this article is completely dedicated to this element design used with some tricks can help you create attractive sight powerfully abstract compositions.

The secret formula for creating such images lies in the abstract because at first glance, they are intelligible but its perfect symmetrical harmony invites careful observation and exploration of the various elements involved in the composition.

The realization is simple, just search your frame (preferably in shapes and objects that encourage repetition and rhythm), have one or two adjacent sides of the box, the possibility of reflected without breaking abruptly with the continuity of the image .

To reflect the image in one or more directions, you can use any graphics program process as Adobe Photoshop and just copy and invest horizointal and / or vertically each new element verifying that the joints between each photograph are accurate and therefore invisible.

In this first image you can see, the original photograph is the one that corresponds to the lower left quarter and in the process, was reflected to the right and upward.

Another captivating aspects of a symmetrical composition, is that we can constantly find in nature. We see it in the flowers, in the stars, in waves that spread by water, opening a fruit and many other examples that rarely, spend a few minutes of reflection.

In this second composition I created from a single photograph of the mouth of the aqueduct, a pattern of reflections Like the petals of a flower.

Unlike the previous one, the process of this image has a slight degree more difficult since I harnessing the stark contrast of the shadows, I used the blending mode to superimpose Trama. This method generated an interesting play of texture in the water, which can be seen at the center point of the composition.

As I mentioned at the beginning, reflect normal images results in an abstract image, but when the picture of origin and has in itself this quality, the application of symmetry gives an infallible and powerful attraction that catches inevitably the viewer’s attention.

In this composition, hammers, strings and keys of an upright piano, have generated an irresistible rhythm pattern without knowing and distinguishing the elements that compose it, make it attractive image.

In your next shot, consider reflecting it and play around with this creative resource that will surely bring great satisfactions.