Tips to eliminate cellulite

Cellulite is a condition that affects approximately 85% of the female population. It is located mainly in the hips, buttocks and outer thighs. The hormonal influence is the main cause of cellulite. Some basic eating habits, exercise, massage and natural remedies can keep it under control.

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Cellulite is the atrophy of fat cells (liquids, fats, toxins). These cells have not been transported correctly and have not been eliminated through the urine. Are deposited in fat cells, these swell and increase in size.

To swell, compressing everything around. This prevents the blood and lymph fluid flows more smoothly and waste disposal is even worse.

This accumulation affects the skin becoming flaccid and takes on the appearance of orange peel.

No exact cause that produces but is the result of several factors

Family history increases the risk cellulite. Female hormones (estrogen and progesterone) also influence their occurrence. Hence that it is more frequent in women problem. Physical inactivity, consumption of snuff and alcohol are also triggers.

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To combat cellulite and body fat is essential to establish a hypocaloric dietary guidelines, exercise and tone. Moreover, cellulite and fat that is lost in a way too quickly reappear, the body fatten more irregularity and cellulite appear in areas of difficult treatment. Therefore, the hygienic-dietary guidelines are the foundation of success in this type of intervention.

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Exercise is essential to combat cellulite. It helps stimulate blood circulation and also increases the muscle that neutralizes their appearance. Swimming and cycling are ideal for combat sports. In addition to stimulating circulation, firms, tones and it gives greater elasticity to the skin.

In addition, you can go to other techniques


It is best to start with a peel to remove dead cells, because subsequent treatments will be more effective. It is done with mud and salts.


This type of treatment is performed when cellulite is caused by fluid retention, cellulite is more watery. It is a massage done by stimulating the body to remove the lymph nodes liquid is discharged through urine.


These massages are effective for people who have a very pronounced cellulite problem. a massage is done a lot of pressure in the area to try to stimulate the circulation and move the fat nodules.


There cavitation or reducing treatments using low frequency ultrasound acting on the surface layers of fat and reserve. These waves get directly treat adipose tissue causing the empty adipocyte, muscle tone and stimulate blood circulation.


Mesotherapy involves the injection into the dermis (just below the skin) droplets of drugs (usually homeopathic) to activate circulation, alter the permeability of cell walls of adipocytes and facilitate the release of its fat content, improve tissue oxygenation and produce a local combustion of fats.


It consists of the aspiration of accumulated fat through a fine cannula connected to a vacuum machine. They are introduced into the skin by a minimal incisions (2 to 10 mm) so that there is little risk of scarring. When the speech ends a compressive bandage to be used for a few days it is placed. Upon leaving, the patient can still use some elastic garment to combat the effects of gravity and cause loss of skin firmness.

A good method of keeping anti-cellulite creams are marketed by the cosmetic houses. These, applied with massage, activate microcirculation and help tone the body. But we must be consistent and remember that, by themselves, do not eliminate cellulite.