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Are you going picnic? Is it a problem for your diet? It should not be like that. While in the United States and other countries the most typical food for a barbecue or when out hiking are hamburgers, hot dogs, salads more caloric as coleslaw and sausages (the latter, especially in Spain), there other healthier alternatives also become the cookout into an unforgettable experience. In fact, it is increasingly common to find families prepare their picnic menus with ingredients that besides healthy, may help control weight.

When planning for this break dishes should remember that it is important to maintain the cold chain, essential for food not decompose or proliferate microorganisms that can contaminate them. Therefore, it is best to avoid mayonnaise, eggs, omelets, etc and gain a cooler plastic or canvas and ice bars to keep food fresh.

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A healthy and risk-free menu

The essence of the cookout is it easy to transport, simple and rich. Although the sandwich is perhaps the best ally of the excursions, if you plan to stop and enjoy the menu in a relaxed manner can be considered these recipes

As starters, we suggest the crudités based carrot sticks, radish taquitos, green pepper, celery, zucchini, cherry tomatoes and ears. The taste of the carrot will be enhanced when if combined with cheese spread (we advise I desprecintarlo in the same place).

They can also be cut triangles of aged cheese, toasted bagels with whole tomato spread with grated home previously seasoned with olive oil. It is convenient to buy a wedge of cheese vacuum and consumed during the picnic so they do not spoil. Iberian ham is another nutritional ingredient in food will taste especially outdoors. It will withstand vacuum packaging transportation to the place.

Rice is also a very handy food besides satiating and refreshing in its cold version, supports various preparations. You can cook at home the previous day for 15 or 20 minutes and refrigerate. To be loose, it should be drained in a colander and cold water and thus release the starch. A tupperware or a closed container to ensure preservation celebration. Once in place you can prepare a cold rice salad with tomato and beet and mix the contents of a can of canned tuna or corn to dress it.

You can follow these two simple and nutritious dishes with a glass of gazpacho in tetra pack or home. In any case, water, juices or drinks like alcohol-free beer will be the perfect picnic companions.


The best dessert is the fruit should be washed bring from home or peeling. A salad of various exotic fruits (mango and papaya, for example) result menu outdoor and also freshen if the day is hot. If you prefer, you can opt for a homemade cake, savory tarts or cupcakes varied. Although it should be borne in mind that add extra calories to the diet.

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