Wayne Dyer’s thought to help overcome depression

Among all authors of self-help books, stands the American Wayne Dyer -doctor in psychology-. The author of “The Erroneous Zones” enjoys enormous popularity and his books have been among the best-selling New York Times.

In addition, their lecture tours, which often tell stories of their own lives, often massive, and often appears on television. Many followers used his teachings to improve day by day.

But can the doctrine of Wayne Dyer help in case of depression? Undoubtedly, it is encouraging positive thoughts to go forward, so they can serve as support.

Who is Wayne Dyer?

Professor at St. John’s University in New York, Wayne Dyer began writing articles and giving lectures on self-improvement. His book “Your Erroneous Zones”, 1976, based on personal and professional experiences, catapulted him to fame.

Your emotions should not be paralyzing.

Wayne Dyer teachings

The thought of Wayne Dyer is simple, hence it has reached people of all levels and social strata. Basically, the person comes from the Source, and is unique, and the transformative power resides within each.

His teachings are summarized especially in “Your Erroneous Zones”. It offers the reader identify those aspects of their way of being and feeling that cause them sadness, to find ways to eliminate them. The ultimate goal is to get rid of any hint of frustration present within the individual, to improve self-esteem, resulting in happiness.

Questions for self-knowledge of Wayne Dyer

To help people to find themselves, Dyer proposes a series of questions and then provides arguments and examples from everyday life to answer them.

For example, ask everyone to reason if you think for yourself, if you are able to control their feelings, if you need others approve their actions, if you can accept yourself, or if it is able to give and receive love.

Indeed, the key to its success is that the author is not dogmatic, offering a series of solutions to overcome sadness and self-realization. Instead, always appeals to logic reasoning.

An author with great connectivity with depressives

Dyer knows how to talk to people who are suffering. His use of language connects with people in difficult, low self-esteem or mood situations. When someone goes through an emotional crisis, it is logical to be swayed by the positive statements of the writer in his writings.

Given the numerous difficulties faced by someone who is suffering from any mental disorder, a volume that gets to reach them means already a valuable aid. In addition, it encouraged to adopt the right attitude. “If you believe completely in yourself, there is nothing that is beyond your means. The entire range of human experience is yours and you can enjoy it if you decide to venture into territories that do not offer guarantees,” Dyer said.

Wayne Dyer Is it helpful for depression?

Sometimes I meet with two friends who have a completely opposite stance when talking about whether Wayne Dyer helps overcome depression.

One of them says that it is an absolute authority, and only admits to question some of his statements. He has read all his books, and is a strong advocate for you.

In contrast, the other is convinced that does not help much. While not get to opine that is an absolute fraud, yes it has serious doubts about its effectiveness.