Why is fat when you stop smoking?

Here are the reasons why is that fat when you stop smoking and solutions to prevent this from happening or weight gain is minimal.

There are four main reasons that make you gain weight when smokers quit smoking.

1. Culpable: metabolism slows down. Nicotine reduces appetite and increases the metabolic rate or basal metabolic rate (the amount of energy a cell needs to survive) according to a study published in the journal Science. If nicotine is suppressed, reducing energy expenditure and fat;. Solution. Compensates for this slowing of metabolism by exercising more and eating lighter (a low calorie diet to lose weight usually between 500 and 1,000 calories less than the total energy expenditure of the individual). You can also go to foods that help you burn more fat.

2. Guilty: anxiety. more adrenaline occurs and that increases anxiety and stress and both can fatten.

3.- Culpable: the taste of food. The food tastes and smells better and it invites you to enjoy more of it. Outcome: extra kilos. How can counter; Solution: Since everything will know better, start enjoying the smell and taste of natural foods. Before take them to the mouth, huélelos, appreciate their color, shape and think about how you will improve your health.

4. Guilty: Foods that produce pleasure. Not smoking, food addiction snuff compensate and produce a pleasurable sensation to the brain seek. Unfortunately, these foods are rich in sugars, and trans fat. Solution: Carefully read the label on all foods and discard those containing sugars and trans fats (in the US and banned). Look for other ways to activate the brain’s reward area, for example, practicing activities that you like, exercising, laughing with friends or making love.

Now that you know why you get fat when you stop smoking, the important thing is to try to reduce that risk (if that is what frightens you when making the decision to leave the snuff) and begins to design the plan attack on the cigarette.

Experts say that to be successful at quitting smoking must be a prior plan. To do this, it is important to become aware: smoking is bad for health. Damage throughout the body, increases the risk of cancer.

As if that were not enough, you can lose the opportunity to get a job because some companies may ask for a test of nicotine in a selection process and refuse to hire a smoker.

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