Women and Exercise: 5 Things you should not do

It is true that the world of exercise and fitness at the start were almost exclusively male, but that has changed recently. The woman is now exercising the pair of male and achieved results as good as him. However, there are still some attitudes in the ladies which occasionally they can not develop their full potential or even meet their objectives. If you’re about to begin your experience in the gym and exercise, read these tips on how to avoid typical training errors that women usually make.

1) Do not go to the gym without goals or plans

This advice holds true for anyone, but especially it is for women because often believed that simply by going to the gym and doing some machines and cables and much aerobics can achieve anything you set your mind. It is not like this. Not the same go to the gym to lose weight, to tone, to increase aerobic capacity or build muscle mass.

2) Not only do you train aerobics

It is very common for women to have allergy weights. My first time was recognizable gym because I feared that the weights give me an unpleasantly masculine. I was a an error: weight training, properly performed (routines repticiones several series of high and low weight) accentuate the feminine lines and enhance our appearance. Aerobics is necessary, it is clear, but the exercises with weights are too. You must arm yourself weightlifting routine that includes free weights, machines and cables, and then dedicate yourself to aerobics.

3) Do not use the gym as a social site

Women are chatty. It’s easy to make friends in the gym which concur at the same time on the same days, and let’s us talking about children, work and the economy. But we go to the gym to train. If you get a friend to be your training partner, it will be fabulous, but only if you stop for a coffee chat after the workout.

4) Do not let you remove your exercise time

It is natural that if we are women and both mothers and have a job aside, our day do not leave us or breathe. Maybe it’s one of the reasons why we’ve gained weight and lost much of our figure. If we do not remedy this situation, nobody will do it for us. Set aside at least three hours a week of gym to cultivate your body (at least), and considers that time is for you. Divide the chores with your partner, family or friends and take the necessary time to improve your health and aesthetics.

5) Do not give in

This part is perhaps the most difficult. In my experience in gyms, it is much more common to see women abandon routines to see that men do. The reasons are many: lack of time, lack of results, lack of motivation, even feel intimidated by the atmosphere of the gym. You must insist on your time for the gym, so the results are your will and knowledge of teachers and trainers, and the results may take some time depending on your goals, but you must be patient and persevering, and choosing the right gym for you will be a psychological incentive for gym days are days of enthusiasm.