You can be seasonal affective disorder in the summer?

As is well known, Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) occurs mostly in winter, and to a lesser extent in autumn, as a result of the reduction in daylight hours and falling temperatures, which results in people leaving less on the street, and do not relate so much with their acquaintances. The risk of developing this form of depression intensifies in places where winter is more radical and colder.

But interestingly it is that there is a form of SAD which occurs in summer, with the arrival of the good temperatures. It occurs much less, since it is estimated that the number of people affected by SAD sufferers are only 1 percent or less. Unfortunately, the number is increasing due to global warming and that each time the summer is more prolonged. In addition, it is much more difficult to diagnose.

Why Seasonal Affective Disorder can occur in summer?

Summer is full of changes that may affect the person emotionally.

Another of the main reasons of summer depression is moisture, which increases at this time of year. Many people upsets and substantially increases irritability. The heat, much appreciated by most of the population, not like everyone. Many individuals have trouble bear, and not just feel comfortable anywhere, although there is air conditioning.

Other causes of depression summer

they can also affect other elements for most of the population are positive. For example, the fact that there is light and good weather, and families get to go to the beach or the countryside, can be painful for people who are alone and do not have who perform similar activities, or who have suffered a loss traumatic and remember happier times past.

similar to people who are depressed at Christmas, when it should theoretically be more cheerful effect. It is also a key factor increased leisure hours that occur when a person takes a vacation and have more free time to think.

The problem of body image

It also has a huge importance in the generation of this ailment body image. When summer arrives, many women are prepared to wear the bikini, reducing extra kilos to blow go to the gym, and plucking her legs, among other things.

But when a person is not satisfied with herself trouble comes. When someone is excessively obese, he has nothing good in summer have to wear less clothing to withstand the high temperatures and feels even worse when you have to go in a bikini or swimsuit, revealing the body more than ever.

Symptoms of summer depression

The summer brings depression symptoms a little different from the TAE winter, which generally consist of withdrawing from others and social activities, devote more hours to sleep, and eat more.

By contrast, those suffering from mood disorders during the hottest times of the year insomniacs, to the point where much less sleep than before. They lose their appetite almost completely, and as a result also thin too. In addition, continuous suffering mood swings and irritability, and suffer permanent anxiety.


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